Married at First Sight Chapter 1572

Married at First Sight Chapter 1572–Nevertheless, Alice knew her in-laws would be reluctant for Elisa to be married far away.

As excellent as Remy was, he was from Annenburg, which was far from Wiltspoon. It would take about three hours one way by plane

If the Johnsons Oved in Wiltspoon, and Remy liked Elisa, everyone in the Stones would be extremely sst sfied There would not have been such an incident.

Clive punched his wife’s hand, suggesting that she should not expose their mom even if she saw through

They should wait and see what would happen.

Clive loved his sister the most He felt that Remy was a great man but was also reluctant for her sister to be married off far If her sister had another option in Wiltspoon, he would not support Remy in pursuing her no matter what

As for Remy, he was very pressured.

Even if he and Elisa loved each other, it would not be easy for him to win her over.

Elsa did not have other thoughts. She thought that her whole family should be grateful to Andrew for sending their mom home.

She said after listening to her mom’s words, “Mom, Mr. Reading helped you and sent you home. We’re also very grateful to him. I told him that I’ll treat him to a meal one day when he’s free to thank him for sending you home.”

Mrs. Stone replied to her, “That’s right. Invite him over for a meal so that we can show our sincerity. It’ll be a good time for me to thank him in person again. I hadn’t been that helpless for decades-I felt really weak at that time.

“Luckily, I met Mr. Reading. He didn’t ignore the situation just because it didn’t concern him. Instead, he stopped his car and got out to ask what happened to me. After that, he even sent me back.”

Mrs. Stone praised Andrew as much as she could.

Elisa was naive and did not know her mom was tricking her.

She responded, “Okay, then I’ll invite him to our home for a meal so you can thank him properly. Everyone in the family is thankful, so you don’t need to overpraise him, Mom.”

“He saved me, so why can’t I praise him? Besides, he’s an excellent man. It’s just that the Readings have always kept a low profile and never attended parties of the high society, so they’re not well-known,” Mrs. Stone said.

The Readings thought that Tania would easily attract attention after marrying into the Yorks-the richest family-and becoming the head missus. As her maiden family, they could only be low-key so as not to cause her trouble.

I wouldn’t have paid attention to the Readings if Mr. Reading hadn’t helped you today, Mom. It feels as if Zachary and his cousins don’t interact much,” Elisa noted.

“Would you know if they actually interacted?”

Elisa was speechless.

In the past, Zachary did not even look her in the eye, let alone talk to her.

Elisa learned to let go and gave her blessings to Zachary and Serenity. Moreover, Serenity was her little aunt’s daughter, so she and Serenity were cousins. When Zachary addressed Elisa as his cousin for Serenity’s sake, the interaction between them increased slightly.

Indeed, Elisa would not know if Zachary often interacted with his relatives.

“Madam, Mr. Johnson is here.”

A maid brought Remy into the house.

Mrs. Stone was still praising Andrew a moment ago. When she heard that Remy was here, the smile on her face disappeared, and she looked serious instead.

Elisa looked at Remy.

She came to a realization when she saw Remy carrying many supplements with him. No wonder he did not follow her into the house to visit her mom when he heard that her mom had sprained her ankle. It turned out that he did not want to visit empty-handed.

Remy was attentive. He truly valued Elisa, which was why he valued her family.

“Mrs. Stone, I heard from Elisa that you sprained your foot, so I came to see you.”

Remy went forward with the supplements, and Elisa got up to take them from him. “You could’ve just come. Why did you bring so many things over?”

“They’re for your mom’s recovery,” Remy answered with a gentle smile.

Elisa placed the things he brought in front of her mom,

“Mom, Remy bought a lot of supplements for you.”

Mrs. Stone pursed her lips and thanked Remy indifferently, “Mr. Johnson, you’re too kind.”


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