Married at First Sight Chapter 1906 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1906 by desirenovel-Hayden put down her phone, guessing Kevin’s purpose this time.

But soon, she put Kevin behind her and continued the meeting.

Kevin, who was outside the company, honked his car horn, and the security guard on duty saw that he was about to enter the company, so he quickly opened the door for him and let him drive into the company.

After a few minutes.

Kevin walked into the office building of the Queen Enterprise with a large bouquet of fiery roses in his arms.

Even though it was working hours, some employees came in and out due to work reasons. Seeing Kevin come in with a large bouquet of flowers, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Mr. York,” The two receptionists greeted politely.

They were also curious that Kevin came in with a bouquet, who was this bouquet for? Someone in the company got favor from the third young master of the York family?

Was that lucky guy?

Although the York family was in Wiltspoon, the York family was a wealthy family with hundreds of billions of dollars, and it was a family that many wealthy families want to marry.

The receptionist thought in her heart that if she was the lucky one, she would be willing to marry far away.

Kevin responded to everyone’s greetings with a smile, without stopping, holding a bouquet of flowers and shone into the office building like a beam of light, creating a gust of speculation, he entered the elevator as if nothing had happened, and went straight to the top floor.

Hayden was in a meeting, and it was not convenient for Kevin to enter the president’s office. Under the arrangement of secretary, he waited for Hayden in the VIP room on the top floor.

The VIP room was right next to the conference room, but the conference room had sound insulation function, and Kevin couldn’t hear the movement of the conference room in the VIP room.

He paid attention to the movement at the door.

As long as the meeting was over, everyone would pass through the VIP room when they came out of the meeting room. He could immediately go out with the bouquet and present it to Hayden in public.

After asking his oldest brother and second brother for advice, Kevin suddenly understood, and followed what his sister-in-law and second brother said, and started pursuing Hayden directly.

Regardless of what others said, Hayden was gay or not, as long as he knew it in his heart.

If Hayden was really a man, he would have admitted that he had been tricked by his grandma. However, Kevin still believed in grandma, thinking that grandma would not cheat him, and would not really arrange a man for him.

The secretary gave Kevin tea, snacks, melons and fruits, and couldn’t help but look at the bouquet of flowers more.

Who was this bouquet of roses prepared by Mr. York for?

Kevin waited in the VIP room for over an hour before Hayden ended the meeting.

She was still sitting in her seat, and it was not easy for those senior managers to leave immediately. It was not until Hayden got up and walked out of the conference room followed by the male secretary that the others made any moves. Everyone was discussing something in a low voice and walked out of the conference room.

Soon, everyone stopped and gathered at the door of the conference room.

Because, their boss was blocked by a man, and that man was no stranger to them. He was Kevin, the person in charge of Fortress Hotel.

It was fine for Mr. York to stop Mr. Queen, but, but, Mr. York actually handed Mr. Queen a large bouquet of bright red roses.

It was a bouquet of roses, the kind that many men liked to give when they were courting women.

The third young master York actually gave them to Mr. Queen!

This style of painting shocked all the senior executives of Queen Enterprise. They all looked at the picture, and no one dared to walk over or speak.

Their boss was always too handsome, but no matter how handsome boss was, he was still a man.

The third young master York sent flowers to Mr. Queen, was this planning to pursue them Mr. Queen?

The third young master York turned out to be crooked, he likes men!

No wonder Third Young Master York was almost 30 years old and still single. It turned out that he liked men, and he even took a fancy to their Mr. Queen!

Big news, big news!

No matter in their capacity as Mr. Queen or as the third young master of the York family, if this matter got out, it would be big news!


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