Married at First Sight Chapter 1908 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1908 by desirenovel-“It turns out I’m not the only one who thinks this way.”

“Mr. Queen doesn’t have too many women, I can’t count them. I didn’t expect that even the third young master of the York can be charming.”

“Maybe The third young master York was originally a crook, so he never had a girlfriend. When he saw our Mr. Queen, he was shocked and realized that he was a crook. However, The third young master York is very courageous. After knowing that he is a crook, takes action immediately and openly pursue our Mr. Queen.”

“You don’t usually pay attention to the gossip news in Wiltspoon, you probably don’t know, but the old lady of the York family picked a wife for the third young master. I heard that the third young master is not like it, and he has been unwilling to pursue the wife candidate that the old lady chose for him.”

When everyone looked at the man who broke the news, the man was quite proud and said: “I often follow the gossip news in Wiltspoon, so You will know this. Young Master york will come to Jensburg this time, and it sounds like he is on a business trip. Fortress Hotel has established a firm foothold in Jensburg, and even our company’s hotel can’t compare to Fortress Hotel.

What kind of business does he need? He actually came to Jensburg to escape the marriage urging. At first, I thought that the third young master York had too high a vision and didn’t like the wife his grandma chose for him, but now I understand.”

As he said that, the man winked at everyone, and everyone knew it well.

The third young master York ran to Jensburg to escape the marriage urge, and then found out that he liked their boss Queen, so he took action.

They had to say that the third young master York as very courageous.

A wealthy family with status like them was easy to be watched by everyone in every word and deed. Even if they were really gay, they would hide it and dare not act openly. But the Third Young Master York made his actions public.

Mr. Queen, who pursued them, was gone.

Mr. Queen’s admirers knew about it, and they would probably line up to kill the third young master York with big knives, pursued Mr. Queen, and they were already competitive enough.

Kevin could guess how others discuss, but he didn’t care.

After he bought this bouquet of flowers and entered Queen Enterprise, he didn’t care what others thought or said about him.

As long as he knew he’s not gay, Hayden stared at Kevin who went straight to her desk and sat down, and said coldly: “Mr. York, what do you want?”

“These flowers are really beautiful, fresh flowers just returned from the flower shop.” Kevin handed the bouquet of flowers to Hayden again, but of course Hayden refused to pick them up, so he put the bouquet in front of Hayden. His eyes stared at Hayden with a smile, and said, “Even if Mr. Queen doesn’t accept it, I will still give it away. I will give it away today, and I will give it back tomorrow, and I will give it away every day from now on.”

“Mr. York, you are pursuing me?” Hayden asked him directly, “Mr. York is really crooked and likes men?”

Kevin put his hands on the table, leaned forward, his black eyes still locked on Hayden’s handsome features, he smiled and said: “I don’t know whether I can bend or not, I just know that I have a good impression of you, and I can’t help but want to send flowers and gifts to you. Mr. Queen, if you don’t like me sending you flowers, I can give you other things instead. Yes, tell me what you always like, I will definitely find a way to get it for you.”

Hayden really wanted to hit him.

Ever since Kevin kept coming to her, Hayden had doubts about Kevin’s motives.

For this Reason, she specially asked her younger brother to investigate Kevin.

Apart from knowing that Kevin came to Jensburg to escape the marriage urging, there was no other useful information to investigate.

Yesterday she accompanied Kevin crazy all day.

She thought nothing would happen, but she didn’t expect that after one night, Kevin sent her a large bouquet of roses today like a ghost!


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