Married at First Sight Chapter 1910 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1910 by desirenovel-In case this scoundrel turned back again.

The secretary respectfully asked Kevin to go with him.

Kevin hugged the bouquet, smiled at Hayden, and followed the secretary out of the president’s office. “Is this bouquet not good-looking? Why didn’t Mr. Queen accept the flowers I gave her?”

Hayden forcefully closed the door of the office.

As soon as she sat back in her seat, her other mobile phone rang, and it was her brother calling.

“Brother, I didn’t go back to the company for a meeting today. I missed the good show. It’s so shocking.”

Hayden had black lines on her face, and said coldly: “Hugh, just say one more thing, I’ll cut off your tongue and feed it to the dogs.”

Men, women and children would be fascinated by it, and his friends said that they dared not spend too long with brother, because they were afraid that they would like him.

At this moment, Hugh was with his friends, so he didn’t dare to call her elder sister, because he was afraid be known by friends.

“Brother, the bouquet of roses that Kevin gave you, I heard it’s very big and beautiful, probably cost a few hundred dollars, brother, you really didn’t accept that bouquet of flowers?” Hugh teased her sister.

Now he understood why his sister was always on guard against Kevin.

A woman’s sixth sense is still very strong.

The elder sister must feel that Kevin is abnormal, so she will guard against Kevin. And today, Kevin pursued his sister.

If his sister had become a woman again, Kevin’s behavior would have been seen as the most normal by everyone. But his sister is now a man, and Kevin sent flowers to his sister, It’s the topic of discussion.

“Hugh, you are looking for a fight!”

Hugh giggled, “Okay, okay, I won’t make fun of you anymore. Brother, Kevin did this, I think he is using you. Didn’t he say that he didn’t like the wife his grandma chose for him? But that his grandma chose him, so it’s hard for him to push.

If it’s rumored that he’s gay and he likes man, the elders of the York family won’t urge him to marry again, even if he doesn’t pursue the wife his grandma chose for him, his grandma will not care about him anymore. After all, he is gay, if you really let him marry a woman, you will harm her girl instead.”

Hayden was silent.

Was that true?

Kevin used her as a shield, or did he really like men so he hated the wife his grandma picked for him?

“Brother, if Kevin really wants to use you to create the fact that he is gay, he will probably send you flowers again.”

“I won’t let him into the company again.” Hayden said coldly.

Hugh: “Brother, tell the security department that as long as Kevin comes, don’t let him enter the company.”

But with Kevin’s temper, he might chase them to their house.

Kevin made up his mind to make people misunderstanding that he is gay, so how could he give up easily.

“Brother, do you need me to go back and help you solve Kevin? How can I say that he is also a handsome guy. If Kevin likes men, you can come to me. I don’t mind spreading rumors with him and creating topics.”

Hugh helped his sister solve her troubles again, which really killed two birds with one stone.

Hayden: “Hugh, don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to, I’ll take care of my own affairs.”

After finishing speaking, Hayden cut off the call with his brother.

It was impossible for Kevin to be really gay.

If Kevin was truly gay, there were so many young talents in Wiltspoon; he already had a lover, so why not pursue him in Jensburg?

Thinking of his younger brother’s analysis, Hayden leaned towards his younger brother’s analysis, thinking that Kevin was using him.

Even if she had an affair with Kevin, the York family couldn’t solve him quietly in order to save Kevin’s reputation.


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