Married at First Sight Chapter 2504 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2504-Brenda continued: “The first fight you had with Camryn was a sisterly fight, and it was your Newman family’s business. No matter how much Serenity likes to meddle in other people’s affairs, she will not stretch out her hand to interfere with your sisters.”

Carrie said angrily, “Are we going to let Serenity be so free and comfortable? Her happiness is based on our pain!”

Brenda said, “What can we do? With our current conditions, what do you think we can do to her? Look at you; you can’t even enter your own home. Tell me, what can you do against the eldest mistress of the Zhan family?”

Carrie choked.

She wanted to say that she had found a helper but remembered that Mrs. Janzen had reminded her not to tell anyone about their cooperation.

Carrie held back again.

She hadn’t gained Mrs. Janzen’s trust yet.

Mrs. Janzen said that she could only decide whether to cooperate or not by looking at her behavior after returning to the Newman family.

Brenda: “Carrie, it’s not that we enhance others’ ambitions and destroy our own prestige, but the reality is that you first find a way to take everything back from the Newman family, and then we will help you take care of your business and strengthen the power of the Newman family. When our Newman family changes If you become stronger, it’s not too late to take revenge.”

Carrie said bitterly, “Aunt Brenda, aunt Amy, I know that I will no longer act impulsively like before. I have been reformed inside. I am no longer the impulsive, arrogant, and willful Carrie I was before.

When will my cousins come back? I came here to find you because I want them to accompany me as I fight back. As long as I kill those wolf dogs, I can go in. My mobile phone, bank cards, and all my valuables are at home. If I go in, I can get everything back. Even if Camryn has Callum as her backer, so what? I don’t believe I can’t beat a blind woman like her!”

Carrie was always the one who bullied Camryn.

If she couldn’t even fight a blind woman, Mrs. Janzen wouldn’t cooperate with her. Without outside forces to help her, it’s really impossible for her to bring about a coup in Wiltspoon.

“They can’t come back until they get off work at night. You can’t go back now, so why don’t you just wait here, have dinner, and wait for your cousins to get off work? then I’ll accompany you back to deal with a few beasts. Just beat her to death.”

Carrie was also the hope in the eyes of the two aunts.

As long as Carrie took everything back from the Newman family, the two families could stand up. Even if Carrie couldn’t take everything back from the Newman family, having Carrie live in the Newman family’s mansion would be beneficial to them.

Carrie also had a lot of property in her name. She was the most beloved child of her brother and sister-in-law. They have prepared a dowry for her since she was a child. When she became an adult, they were all handed over to Carrie so that she could learn to value her name.

Although Carrie had a bad temper, she was stupid. As long as she was coaxed, she could get a lot of benefits from her and help the two families improve their current lives.

The two aunts of the Newman family, who had been rich ladies (wives) for decades, were so depressed that they had to work as cleaners. The contrast was so great that they were always thinking about regaining their glory.


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