Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 797 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 797

Zachary replied with a question, “Is it weird? The boys in my family can cook. One of my brothers can cook better than the chef at Wiltspoon Hotel.”

The female reporters enviously lamented, “Your wife is so lucky.” think I’m luckier. My Seren is good to me. She’s a fabulous cook. She always makes my favorite food.”

Jealousy would kill everybody before they could ask further questions.

The young couple was not in the same room right now, but the way Mr. York talked and the expression on his face explained how happy he was with his married life.

The media wrapped up the interview after asking a few more details about his life.

“That reminds me. Don’t go hounding my wife. You can come to me with any questions. I’ll make time to take the interview. My wife prefers to live a quiet and mundane life.

The people gave their word, “We won’t intrude on the missus without your permission.”

The most they would do was snap photos of her in secret.

They would not dare to mob Serenity.

Zachary summoned his security detail to lead the reporters out.

Once the reporters were gone, Zachary gave his best friend a call.

Josh took the call and said, “Do you think it’s still the holidays? Get back to work! I can’t believe you have not come back to work. Is the company yours or mine?”

Josh had not had time to sit down since returning to work.

He used to get it easy when Zachary was around in the past, but now, he had to call the shots in Zachary’s absence. It was not a task Josh was going to take lying down.

It was the Yorks‘ company, but Josh was the one working his butt off instead.

Since today was Valentine’s Day, Josh wanted to get off work early to buy flowers for Jasmine and ask her out for dinner.He had called the florist to reserve a bouquet.

“Josh, I’ve accepted the press interview.”

“What interview?”

Zachary did not tell Josh. Plus, to get himself a wife, Josh promised Jasmine to be an ordinary citizen and not to use the Buchams‘ network to pry into other people’s personal lives.

It never crossed Josh’s mind that he would know nothing about Zachary’s interview. There was nothing on the itinerary Mr. Chaplin prepared for Zachary.

Did Zachary take it upon himself to accept the interview?

“It’s an interview about my marriage.”

Dumbstruck, Josh quickly ensued with a smile. “So you’re planning to come clean, are you?”

“I can only keep secrets for so long. It’s better for it to come from me than from someone else. Seren and I are at a sweet spot in our marriage right now, and today is Valentine’s Day. I thought I should tell her who I am on this special day. She might not be… that angry.”

It was a suggestion from Ben.

There was no telling whether it was a useful suggestion.

Well, he could get even with Ben if it did not work.

Poor Ben. All he did was suggest an idea. The consequence was supposed to be Zachary’s to bear.

Now that everything was out there, Zachary braced himself for the hissy fit his wife was about to throw.

Josh commented, “I’m dumping the work on Callum, so I can deliver flowers to Jasmine.”

It was not something Josh wanted to miss!


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