Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 802 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 802

Jasmine answered, “That’s him!

“Mr. York accepted a press interview. I watched the interview, and it was about him and Seren. Seren turned white and stunned like a puppet when she saw the video. I pushed, hit, and yelled at her, but she hasn’t shown any reaction. She’s scaring the hell out of me. That’s why I’m calling you for help.”

Liberty had the shock of her life.

Her brother-in-law turned out to be the heir of the York family!

How could that possibly be?

Liberty had met the Yorks. They were no different from ordinary folks. They dressed in clothes without labels and drove mid-range priced cars. They did not seem wealthy to Liberty. The only thing that stood out was that the Yorks carried themselves with grace and culture.

“I’ll be right there. Pour a glass of water for Seren and tell her to drink it. If that doesn’t help, splash her with a basin of cold water. That should do the trick.”

Jasmine replied, “Won’t Seren catch a cold?”

With her head clearer than before, Liberty uttered, “That’s the only way to snap Seren out of her trance. Otherwise, she’ll sit there blankly. We won’t be able to get any emotions out of her.”

She understood what her sister was feeling right now.

Liberty would rather Serenity cry than her showing no emotions like a puppet.

Zachary had been lying to her sister all this while!

Jasmine looked at her stupefied best friend and responded, “I’ll wait for you to arrive, Liberty.”

“Alright. I’m on my way.”

“Liberty, I’ll try another way to see if I can get ahold of her.”

Jasmine then disconnected the call.

She gave Serenity another nudge.

“Seren. Seren. Come back to me. Don’t scare me.”

Serenity looked like a mannequin. Jasmine pushed her, and Serenity shook along the motion, but the moment Jasmine stopped, Serenity went back to sitting there and staring blankly at Zachary on the computer screen.

Jasmine then pinched Serenity’s cheeks and twisted her ear. Nothing worked.

“D*mn Zachary! It’s his fault Seren is like this.”

Jasmine cussed at Zachary and fell into thought before going into the kitchen. She took out some utensils and started banging the spoon on a metal bowl around Serenity.

Focus gradually returned to Serenity’s eyes until she was able to pull herself together.


“Thank God you’re back on earth. You scared the hell out of me.”

Jumping to her feet, Serenity picked up her car keys and walked around the cash. register to dash out.

“Where are you going, Seren? Don’t drive. You’re not in a good state to drive right now. Seren!”

Jasmine was one step behind Serenity. By the time Jasmine got out of the shop, Serenity had gotten into the car and started the engine. The girl was moving fast.

Needless to say, Serenity must be heading to York Corporation to grill Zachary.

Jasmine was worried sick. Serenity was not in the right mind to drive, and that would only get her into a car accident.

She immediately closed the shop to give Serenity a chase.

Jasmine usually took her e-bike to work. The e-bike could not outrun Serenity’s car on the road.

Even so, she still had to go after Serenity.

Without hesitation, Jasmine jumped on her e-bike and went in pursuit of Serenity. While on the road, she prayed that nothing would happen to Serenity.


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