Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 808 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 808

“Ms. Hunt, regardless of the reasons Zachary wasn’t honest about who he was, his feelings for you are true. It’s true that he loves you. There’s no doubt about that.”

Serenity started laughing until her eyes welled up.

Lifting her arm to rub her eyes, Serenity got up and said to Josh, “Thank you for clearing that up for me, Mr. Bucham. I should leave you to your space. Bye.”

Now that Serenity got the confirmation she needed, she did not want to spend another second in this place.

Without asking her to stay, Josh rose to his feet and walked out with her. He said, Ms. Hunt, I know you’re in shock and mad right now. Zachary did you wrong, but it was with reason. There’s no malicious intention behind his actions. Once you calm down, give him a chance to explain. No matter what, you’re husband and wife.”

Serenity was without a word, but her grimacing expression was telling.

Josh went with Serenity to the bottom floor and saw her off outside the office building before going to his car.


Callum was waiting at the entrance of the office building.

He got an SOS call from his brother and was told to stop his sister-in-law from leaving. Zachary was on his way here.

It was the most stressful thing ever when Callum came face-to-face with his sister-in- law’s death stare. Well, Callum was Zachary’s best bet since he was in the office while Zachary was away. Sure, Zachary was making haste, but he had not arrived yet. Hence, Callum had to stop Serenity from leaving until Zachary got here.

Zachary feared Serenity would leave the office building and walk out of his life. Where was he supposed to find her then?

The sight of the Yorks only made Serenity mad. She did not want to talk to any of them.

She took strides past Callum.

Callum tried to pull her back, but taking caution that they were in-laws, Callum did want to overstep and get physical with her. He took quick paces ahead and spread his arms apart to stop Serenity while saying, “Don’t go, Seren. Zachary is on his way. here. He’ll get here soon.”

Serenity shot him a murderous look.

At that moment, Callum dared say that his sister-in-law had the same chilling eyes as his brother.

Was Serenity starting to resemble Zachary now that they had been married for a while?

“Callum. Hang on, no. Mr. Callum, please get out of the way.”

With Serenity adding a salutation to his name, Callum let out a bitter smile. “Come on, Seren, I’m sorry. It’s all our fault.”

He was involved in lying to his sister-in-law too.

It was not just him, but the whole family deceived Serenity.

No wonder Serenity saw red when she learned the truth.

Her eyes were as chilly as the winter in December, and her face was as black as thunder.

“Mr. Callum, I say move! You’ll get it coming if you don’t get out of the way now.”

Callum would not budge,

He was tasked with the heavy responsibility of getting his sister-in-law to stay.

She looked rather scary right now, but his brother would rain hell on him if Serenity was not here on his arrival. After weighing his options, Callum decided Serenity was the lesser evil.

Serenity jumped him with a punch.

Callum knew how to fight.

He quickly moved to the side, evading Serenity’s attack.

While Callum was dodging, Serenity made a run for it, but Callum came in her way again. She struck him once more.

They were exchanging blows in front of the office building.

The onlookers kept a distance and watched without coming forward to help.

Josh was on his way to pick Jasmine up when he heard about the fight. Stopping the car, he got out and ran to stop them.

Serenity could take down a group of thugs, but her years spent on self-defense were no use against Josh and Callum. However hard she flipped out, the pair would not get out of her way and refused to let her leave.


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