Married at First Sight Chapter 1578

Married at First Sight Chapter 1578–“Andrew drove your aunt home, and Remy caught Elisa seeing Andrew out. Remy overreacted by seeing Andrew as a potential love rival. He called to get information on Andrew.”

Serenity asked, “Did my aunt hurt her ankle badly?”

“It’s a sprain. She’s wrapped up and doing okay. They have a family doctor. Remy mentioned that Mrs. Stone didn’t summon the family doctor, so I guess it’s not a bad sprain. Don’t worry too much about it.”

Serenity sent a text message to ask Elisa before giving Aunt Audrey a call. Serenity could only let go of the matter when she was sure it was merely a sprain. Aunt Audrey should be better in a few days.

“Remy seems to care a lot about Elisa. It explains the extreme lengths he goes to.”

Showing understanding, Zachary said, “In fact, he’s not the only one to act that way. Anyone would be on high alert if their crush interacted with someone of the opposite s*x, even if it was just a brief encounter.”

Zachary kept his eye on Shawn back then.

It turned out that Shawn did indeed have feelings for Serenity.

Men were right to trust their guts too.

“I won’t. I never worry or doubt that you would betray me,” Serenity commented with a smile.

With Zachary meeting her eyes, Serenity gave his cheek a squeeze. “You’re good-looking, but you give the vibes to stay away. You come off aloof to young women too. You might have a lot of admirers, but less than a handful have the guts to profess their feelings to you, much less go after you.

“That’s why I have nothing to worry about. Hahaha. Zachary, it’s good that you don’t give people the time of day. At least, no one will steal you away from me. No one can take you away from me unless you fall for someone else.”

Zachary caught her pinching hand and pulled it to his lips for a kiss. He murmured, “I’m worried that people will take you away from me. One Shawn was enough to make me lose my mind.”

“I think we can both relax. Who would want me after knowing that I’m your wife? I guess I’m stuck with you for life. Farewell to all the men in the world…”

“Oh, so you wanted all the men in the world?” asked Zachary eerily.

“That’s before marrying you. It hasn’t crossed my mind since. You’re enough for me.”

Serenity chuckled before making a run for it.

Zachary immediately gave chase.

He quickly caught her.

As punishment, Zachary pressed his lips against hers for a deep kiss. Afraid they might be seen, Serenity put up a struggle, so Zachary could not have his way with her. In the end, he had to let go of her.

He gently flicked her on the forehead and uttered, “Don’t even think about it. You can only be mine in this lifetime. I want to be with you in the next life if that exists.”

“What if I am a man in the next life?”

Zachary answered, “I guess it’ll be us against the world.”

Serenity had no words.

What a possessive man.

It was not enough for him to have her in this lifetime. He wanted her for himself in the next life too. It did not matter to Zachary she would be of a different gender.

Picking up on Sonny’s cheerful laughter, Serenity said to her husband, “We better check on Sonny in the playground. The boy must have quite a blast today.”

“Rowan isn’t going to spend his day just resting now that he has a day off, so of course he would give Sonny a day to remember.”

Grandma May suggested an island vacation to the youngsters. However, Rowan only had a day off. He would be hitting the books tomorrow. Besides, since Jasmine was visiting her family tomorrow, the Soxes invited Serenity and the others for lunch.

Zachary planned to take his wife to the island tomorrow afternoon just in time for the sunset at the beach. They would watch the sunrise the following day too.


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