Married at First Sight Chapter 1579

Married at First Sight Chapter 1579–On the other end, Remy continued watching the builders work after the phone call with Zachary.

Remy also called the florist for a delivery of a bouquet of roses in the evening.

Time passed quickly.

The sun went over the horizon.

The florist delivered the large bouquet of roses as Remy had ordered.

After paying for the flowers, Remy carried the bouquet and took strides to the Stones’ residence.

Since the two houses were close by, it only took less than two minutes on foot for Remy to get to the front gate of the Stones’ residence.

Remy was about to ring the doorbell when Clive walked out of the house.

Ditching the idea of pressing the doorbell, Remy waited for Clive to come over.

Two minutes later, Clive stood before Remy. Both were around the same height and imposing in presence. They engaged in a stare-down.

“These flowers are… blinding.”

Clive broke the silence.

Sure, he admired Remy for the man he was, but Clive took a protective stance for Elisa now that Remy was openly pursuing her. Clive wanted nothing more than to dump the flowers in the trash can and tell Remy to get lost. He was not going to give her sister’s hand in marriage to just about anyone.

Keeping a good attitude, Remy lowered his gaze to the bouquet of roses and replied, “The flowers are beautiful and dazzling. I mean, they are blinding too-gorgeously blinding.

“I don’t think Elisa is out.”

Remy had been keeping an eye out for the Stones’ activity, so he knew Elisa had been home all afternoon to keep her mother company.

Even Clive and his wife stayed at home.

Darrell and Anthony were the only ones who had been out and about.

This was the great thing about being neighbors. Remy got an idea of whether anybody was home.

“Since you’re here for a visit at this hour, are you trying to freeload dinner again?”

Remy answered with a smile, “Elisa is always keen for me to stay. I can’t say no to her.”

Clive wanted to give Remy a piece of his mind. The man was shameless.

Remy outstayed his welcome, and his sister merely invited him for dinner out of courtesy.

“Let’s talk, Remy,” Clive uttered.

Remy nodded with a grin. “Anytime.”

“We should go to your place.”

Remy gave it a thought before agreeing to the suggestion.

The pair went to Remy’s residence. Remy invited Clive to sit under a gazebo and apologetically said, “The house is going through remodeling. It’s too much of a mess to host guests, so I hope you don’t mind that we sit here.”

“Mr. Johnson, I don’t think we’re close enough to call each other on a first-name basis. It’s Mr. Stone to you.

“We can take a less formal form of address when you succeed in marrying my sister. That is… if someone else doesn’t win her heart first.”

Remy kept to himself for a moment before popping the question. “Is this coming from Mrs. Stone or you?” “It’s from our entire family. Remy, we know the reason for your frequent visits. Honestly, I quite admire you, including my mom too, but we disapprove of you as a husband to Elisa.”

Remy asked, “Is it because I’m from Annenburg?”

“I guess you’re aware of that. My mom was a career woman during her younger days. She’s headstrong with what she wants, and Elisa is the apple of her eye. She doesn’t wish for Elisa to marry off to a faraway place. It’s hard for you to change my mother’s mind.

“Remy, you should quit while you’re ahead. Stop showing up in front of Elisa. I don’t think your relationship with Elisa will go far.”

Clive persuaded Remy to give up.

Looking around his property, Remy asked Clive, “What do you think of my place, Mr. Stone?”

“It’s nice.”

“Is it far from your house?”


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