Married at First Sight Chapter 1580

Married at First Sight Chapter 1580–Clive fell silent for a bit before answering, “It’s not far, but ”

“Mr. Stone”

Putting on a serious face, Remy earnestly said, “I like Elisa. I’m after a serious relationship with the intention of marrying her. I won’t give up on her.

“I understand your family’s concern. That was why I bought this villa My main responsibility is FC & Co’s business in Wiltspoon, so I’m a permanent resident here I rarely return to Annenburg We’ll be staying in Wiltspoon and living in this house if Elisa chooses to marry me”

Remy believed he had done enough to provide the assurance.

“No one can say what will happen in the future. My mom will only consider you as Elisa’s husband candidate if you marry into the family.”

“I can do that if that is Mrs. Stone’s wish. My brother can fulfill his duty as a son to our parents

Clive was speechless.

His mother had never said such a thing.

She would not budge on giving Remy the stamp of approval though.

The last thing his mother wanted was for Elisa to marry off to a faraway place.

“Mr. Stone, I understand your concern. It’s hard for you to trust whatever I say because people can change. I believe that time will tell. I’ll prove to you if you’re willing to give me the chance I’ll show you that I’m a man of my word. Is that okay?”

Clive remained silent.

In fact, he was at a loss for words.

After a long silence, Clive said, “I did my part and talked to you. At least, I’ve done what my mom told me to. I should head back.”

Remy got up and walked Clive to the latter’s gates. He watched as Clive entered his house before pressing on the doorbell.

A maid soon emerged.

“Mr. Johnson, Mr. Clive just came in. Didn’t you see him?” the maid asked in confusion.

Besides, the gate of the residence was not closed.

Remy let out a gentlemanly smile. “Mr. Stone went on ahead of me. I couldn’t keep up with him, so I rang the doorbell. Mrs. Lott, I wish to see Elisa.”

Mrs. Lott got the gist when she saw the bouquet in Remy’s arms. She said, “Please hold on, Mr. Johnson. I’ll inform Miss Elisa.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lott.”

Several minutes later, Elisa came out with her handbag. She strutted to the driveway and got into her car before driving to the gate. She pulled up, rolled down the windows, and said to Remy, “Get in, Remy I’m buying you dinner.”

Seeing that she was angry, Remy decided to get into the car without questions.

Once Remy was in, Elisa started the engine.


Alice, Elisa’s sister-in-law, came out of the house and called out her name.

Instead of responding to her sister-in-law or stopping the car, Elisa stepped on the accelerator.

Remy cautiously took a look at her, not knowing whether he should give her the flowers.

“What’s the matter, Elisa?”

“Nothing. I got into a spat with my mom. My mom got mad, and so did I. I didn’t want to eat at home, so we should go out for dinner. What do you fancy?”

“I’m fine with anything so long as I am with you. I don’t mind food trucks.”

Elisa took a glance at him and replied, “I’ve never tried food trucks.”

“I had it before. The food is good.”

People of their social rank would think food trucks were demeaning in status and unacceptable in hygiene quality.

“Elisa, your mom only wants the best for you. ”

Remy could guess the reason for the mother and daughter’s argument.

“I know my mom loves me. She talks about having my best interest in mind, but she needs to consider my feelings. Do I want her to make the decisions for me?”

Many parents loved to interfere with their children’s lives “for their own good”.

Nevertheless, did the children want their parents’ involvement though? Was the choice the parents made really the best for their children?


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