Married at First Sight Chapter 1581

Married at First Sight Chapter 1581–Remy fell silent for a moment before giving his two cents. “Our parents want what’s best for us, but we may not approve of their methods. We might take it the wrong way and think they’re making our lives difficult.”

“That’s right. Do your parents do the same too?” Elisa asked.

“My parents stay out of my business once I reach adulthood. Then again, they don’t really get involved because my eldest brother is the boss of me. The seniors in my family don’t interfere with the younger generation’s business. Though, they might say something if we haven’t settled down.”

Elisa smiled. “That’s right. I heard the elders of the Johnsons are pretty liberal like the Yorks. No wonder you guys are the 1% of the population. Everything seems to be going well for your lives.”

“Elisa, is your mom forbidding you to date me?”

Elisa gave an honest answer. “That’s right. My mom said you’re from out of town. She doesn’t want me to marry off to a faraway place. She is forceful and determined to separate us. She said that there are many bachelors in Wiltspoon. According to her, it’s better to marry a regular guy than to marry somewhere else.”

Her mother was so eager to stop any relationship from forming even though Elisa and Remy had not reached the stage of marriage.

Remy kept to himself for a bit before uttering. “Apart from the distance, are there any other issues she’s not happy about?”

“No, that’s it. She’s not pleased that you aren’t a local. This issue alone is a tough one. Why would you want more issues?”

Remy let out a smile and replied, “It’s not a hard problem. Give Mrs. Stone some time. She’ll come around to accept me.” He looked into Elisa’s eyes. “I’m more anxious to find out when you will accept me.”

“Oh, me.”

In a much better mood, Elisa kept her eye on the road and responded, “I never had a guy come after me. I want to enjoy being wooed and the feeling of being loved.”

Remy heard her and kept it in mind.

He would satisfy whatever her heart’s desire to make her happy so she would open the door to her heart.

Remy knew that Elisa was not without feelings for him. In her words, Elisa wanted to be one who got all the love and attention for once.

She was the one doing the chasing in the past.

Elisa took Remy to Wiltspoon Hotel.

After parking the car, she turned to Remy and uttered, “Are these flowers for me?”

Remy handed her the bouquet. With his burning eyes fixated on her, he said, “I wanted to give you the flowers, but your brother wouldn’t let me in. I rang the doorbell, and you came out. I thought I should hold onto the bouquet since you were driving.”

Elisa happily accepted the flowers.

“Everybody except my dad disapproves of us taking our relationship to the next level. My mom is the one most against it. You know my mom used to manage my dad’s company. She considers herself a businesswoman and has a tough personality to match, but she has always been gentle and tolerant toward me.

“When I was younger, my brothers would beg me to put in the good word whenever they did something. wrong. My mom would accept my pleas for my brothers no matter how angry she was.”

Elisa sighed. “My family didn’t support me when I fell in love with Zachary. Now that I have no feelings for him and am considering you as a potential partner, they’re not showing me any support either. No wonder I have a blank dating history even though I’m in my twenties.”

Her family inserted themselves a lot in her life.

Elisa carried the flowers and got out of the car before Remy could say anything.

“Come on. Let’s have dinner. All this talk is depressing.”

“Alright. I’ll take you to the movies after dinner.”

To Elisa, there was nothing interesting about the cinema. Heck, she rarely watched movies. Still, she held. her tongue.

It dawned on her that many couples would go to the movies while dating.

It was not like the movies were good, but it was the romantic atmosphere and time spent together the couples were after.

The night rolled around.

The streetlights around Wildridge Manor were lit up.

The entire estate from a bird’s view was quite the scenery.


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