Married at First Sight Chapter 1582

Married at First Sight Chapter 1582

After dinner, Serenity returned to her room to take a shower before heading to the guest bedroom where her sister was.

Liberty was carrying her son out of the bathroom.

“Sonny is just done with his shower.

“He had a blast today, and now he’s sleepy. I quickly gave him a wash, and he was nodding off in the showers.”

Liberty lay her son down on the bed as the little man was asleep.

Serenity pinched Sonny’s cheek with a smile. Sleeping like a log, Sonny had no reaction to his aunt getting a good squeeze of his face.

“He and Rowan were really running around the place today. It’s a good thing. The pressure to do well in his studies is real even though he’s only in tenth grade. His cousins and brothers performed well academically, so he will be lagging behind if he doesn’t put in the work. His cousins and brothers won’t be pleased about that.

“All that fun is a good stress reliever.”

Serenity’s heart went out to the youngest member of the York family.

The kid was a sweet talker. He would always say hello to Serenity with the cutest voice.

“What’s the matter?”

Liberty thought something was bothering her sister.

“Nothing. I’m just here to check on Sonny. Since he’s asleep, I’ll go to the study. You should get some early rest too, Liberty.”

Liberty replied with a smile, “It’s too early for my bedtime. I go to bed around ten.”

It was only seven o’clock at night right now.

“Carry on with your work. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t think of yourself as any lesser than your mother–in–law and the others. They are familiar and experienced with the system, but you’re just starting. Don’t compare yourself with other people. All experiences start from zero. You can do it.”

Serenity answered, “The stress was unbelievable in the beginning, but I felt much better after my mother–in -law said I have a few years to learn the ropes. I will do my best, Liberty. I’ll look down on myself if I can’t do my job well as the lady of the house.”

Liberty tucked her son in.

“Yeah. Take your time. Don’t let me keep you.”

Serenity drew close to smooch her nephew’s face before leaving her sister’s room. She went to the study.

Looking at the shelves of account books in the study, Serenity was at a loss about where to start.

She took a rough look around, scanning the ledgers on the shelves until she could clear her head. She should get an idea of the situation in Wildridge Manor before moving on to the family’s business accounts

Serenity read the account books in the study while Zachary had a chat with his nana downstairs.

Duncan had not left.

He had been sticking around the Yorks residence for the whole day now

“Grandma May.”

Duncan whispered a question, “Did you put in the good word for me?”

He was aware that Grandma May had a heart–to–heart with Liberty

Looking askance at Duncan, Grandma May replied, “I only have one grandson who is married. I still have. the others to think about. Where am I going to find the time to worry about you too?”

Before Duncan could chime in, the old lady added, “Liberty has been through a relationship that hurt her too much. She’s reluctant to even consider marriage. It’s not going to be easy for her to let go of the past and start over. Baby steps.”

Duncan let out a sigh.

He had mentally prepared himself to wait a few years until Liberty earned success to find a spot next to him. Perhaps she would accept him in her life then.

Still, Duncan was eager and desperate.

He wished he could get the girl right after making his feelings known to Liberty.


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