Married at First Sight Chapter 1583

Married at First Sight Chapter 1583

“I understand, Grandma May.”

Duncan was down in the dumps.

Still, the frustration only lasted for two minutes, and he regained his fighting spirit. Duncan had not begun the pursuit yet, and for him to lose the will now, he might as well move on.

“It’s late. You should go home.”

Grandma May showed Duncan the door.

Duncan said with a kill, “Are you kicking me out, Grandma May? I was going to have a drink or two with Zachary,”

“I’m not drinking tonight.”

Zachary was quick to say no.

Duncan chucked. “I heard that you don’t really drink at business parties anymore. Apparently, you quit alcohol because your wife doesn’t like you drinking. You don’t smoke, drink, gamble, or solicit Our Mr. York has become a model husband.”

The grandmother and grandson blurted in unison, “Watch and learn.”

Duncan was speechless, to say the least.

In the end, Duncan left Wildridge Manor.

Once he was gone, Zachary stayed to chat with his nana for a while. Since the grandmother and grandson were close, they had a lot to talk about. It took Grandma May to yawn a few times before Zachary said, ” You’re tired. It’s time for you to get some rest.”

Grandma May let out another yawn. “I am getting old. I can barely keep my eyes open when my bedtime. approaches. Still, I’ll get to sleep and wake up before the break of dawn.”

Rising to her feet, Grandma May retreated to her bedroom.

Zachary waited until his nana was in bed before heading upstairs.

Thinking that his wife was in bed waiting for him, Zachary opened the bedroom door to a dark room.

He turned on the light and swept his gaze around the room. The lithe figure was nowhere to be found.

Thinking that Serenity was in her sister’s room, Zachary was not in a hurry to look for his wife.

He took a shower and sat in bed to read a magazine. By eleven o’clock at night, his partner in bed still had not returned.

Since he disliked and was not used to sleeping alone, Zachary went in search of his wife.

Zachary arrived outside his sister–in–law’s bedroom door, thinking that Serenity was inside. He quietly listened for any activity happening inside, but there did not seem to be anybody talking in the room.

In the end, he knocked on the door.

Liberty was already asleep. Picking up on the knocking in a daze, she sat up and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Liberty. Is Seren in your room?”

“Seren is in the study.”

Zachary answered, “Oh. Sorry to bother you, Liberty.”

It never occurred to him that Serenity would be studying the ledgers in the study.

Soon, Zachary reached the study and lifted his arm to knock on the door.


With his voice taking her attention away from the books, Serenity was surprised to find that it was midnight.

Closing the book in her hand, she returned it back to its place, got up, walked around the desk, and went to open the door.

“What time is it? Why aren’t you in bed yet? You left your husband all alone,” Zachary whined.

Serenity replied with a smile, “I didn’t notice the time. I didn’t think I’d take a long time.”

She turned off the study light, shut the door, and locked it.

Serenity then intimately held Zachary’s arm. “Don’t be mad, babe.”

Zachary scoffed on purpose. “Well, it comes down to you on what you want to do about it.”

Serenity giggled.

Back in the bedroom, Serenity pinned him down against the door and gleefully teased him. “I’ll show you

what I want to do about it.”

She then hooked her arms around the nape of his neck. Zachary got down to her eye level so that she could seal his lips.

A certain somebody was not too pleased with a mere kiss.


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