Married at First Sight Chapter 1584

Married at First Sight Chapter 1584

It took less than two minutes for Zachary to take a more active role rather than being passive. He carried his wife to the bed and demanded more.

No words were needed for the rest of the night.

The following day was when Jasmine would drop by her family home for a visit as Mrs. Bucham.

Serenity and her sister were having lunch at the Soxes‘ residence.

Zachary would, of course, be with his wife.

After the visit, Jasmine and Josh would travel for their honeymoon the next day.

It would also mark the end of the brief public holidays.

Then came the time to get back to work, back to school, and back to business as usual.

For the mass public, they were to resume the normal routine.

Apart from watching the shop, Serenity would find the time to return to her hometown with Elisa to check. on agriculture progress.

The seasonal vegetables had been planted as planned.

Looking at the greens all around, Elisa told Serenity, “The administrator said that the vegetables will be ready to be sold in another week.”

Serenity observed the plantation and uttered, “Can we sell everything to the hotels and school cafeterias. we negotiated with?”

“No. We have a huge plantation with a variety of greens. The few hotels and school cafeterias won’t be able to take all the crops. I need to go around and seal a deal with more hotels and school cafeterias.”

“We can work together with a few fixed sellers in the market,” Serenity suggested. “Since we’re only starting off, we can collaborate with anyone who wants our vegetables. We welcome all scales of businesses.”

They wanted to market these vegetables on their own instead of getting their families involved.

Serenity could expect to manage a lot of other commercial activities in the future as she was the wife of the Yorks‘ heir. Her involvement should not be limited to paperwork like account books. She should get at little of the know–how of every trade.

She could begin by bringing sales to the business for the sake of experience.

Elisa was in agreement with Serenity’s suggestion.

The pair did a round of inspection of the plantation before taking their lunch at a local restaurant. They then made haste back to the city.

The vegetables on the plantation would be available in the market in a week. With the clock ticking, Elisa and Serenity had to get back to the city and seek more partners.

Serenity would be working the markets.

Since Elisa was born with a silver spoon, it did not suit her to trail the markets for partners. Serenity might be Mrs. York now, but she grew up alongside all walks of life. She had a better idea of the vegetable prices in the market.

Elisa and Serenity were busy day in and day out. Sometimes, Serenity needed to socialize with Zachary at dinner parties and other events.

Zachary had never been keen on social events in the past unless it was hosted by the Marshalls.

Yet now, Zachary could always be seen at any gatherings he was invited to, and his motive was to show his wife around. He could also introduce his wife to the CEOS to accomplish two things–build a network for his wife and show off his relationship.

Everybody in Wiltspoon commercial scene knew the extent of Mr. York’s love for his wife.

Even so, Zachary got the feeling that he was no longer on Serenity’s priority list lately.

That night, Zachary returned home to find that Serenity’s car was not in the garage. He knew she was not home yet.

It was eleven o’clock at night.

Zachary got out of the car, looking rather upset.

Spotting his boss’s tensed face, Sam cautiously asked, “Did you have a bad day, sir?”

“Is Mrs. York home yet?”


It hit Sam the reason that Mr. Zachary was not too happy.

The missus had been home later than Mr. Zachary lately. Mr. Zachary must think the missus was too busy with work to pay him any attention.

“It’s late. Why isn’t she home yet?”

Zachary mumbled under his breath while walking into the house and pulling out his phone to call Serenity.

It did not take long for Serenity to pick up his call.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I miss you.”

Although Zachary was not pleased that his wife neglected him, he could not show it in his attitude, especially when he heard her voice.


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