Married at First Sight Chapter 1587

Married at First Sight Chapter 1587–“Babe, I love you.” Serenity said the words that Zachary liked to hear the most.

“From now on, I’ll buy you flowers every day, okay?”

Buying flowers was easy.

Serenity just had to tell Camryn to prepare a bouquet of flowers for her every day, then she would just give it to Zachary.

“I only have one vase in my office. Alternate days will be good enough.” Zachary’s expression finally eased.

Serenity said, “Why don’t I buy a few more vases for your office?”

“I don’t want people to see me as a vase.”

Serenity laughed and said, “You’re a man. Who would regard you as a vase? Alright, so instead of buying you more vases, I’ll just send you a bouquet of flowers every other day. It’s Friday tomorrow. Shall we go shopping on Saturday? I’ll buy you new clothes.”

Zachary had plenty of new clothes in his closet. Every once in a while, a fashion designer would tailor new clothes for him.

However, a certain someone still liked to receive clothes from his wife.

Since Serenity learned of Zachary’s true identity and had a cushy life, she bought him clothes from big brands, so as not to embarrass his title as the eldest son of the York family.

Serenity bought Zachary’s daily outfits.

Zachary looked at her resentfully again. He was sulking. What he really wanted was not materialistic gifts.

“Babe, you know that the vegetable farm I invested in is now shipping out produce in large quantities. We also need more partners. Elisa and I are just discussing business. Moreover, all of the Yorks’ small businesses will be handed over to me soon, so I should study more and see more.

“That’s why my schedule is packed. But I’m always thinking about you. Besides my sister, you’re ranked second in my heart. You’ve surpassed Sonny!”

Serenity was only busy for ten days, but Zachary could not stand it.

To think when they first got their marriage license, Serenity did not have any comments when Zachary worked until midnight before he came home.

Zachary thought, ‘That’s because when we just got our marriage license, we didn’t have feelings for each. other, so who cares?’

“You can work on your business, but you can’t come back later than I do. From now on, you must come back by nine o’clock every night. You should at least spare me a few hours, right?

“I’ve become a resentful husband because my wife doesn’t care about me anymore…”

Zachary was busier than Serenity, but he still came home as early as possible every day just to accompany her.

“Okay, okay. I’ll come home to accompany you at nine o’clock every night.”

In order to coax this man, Serenity would agree to whatever he said.

That was because her husband was such a domineering man.

Even though Serenity made this promise, Zachary still punished her in bed twice that night.

When Serenity showed up at her sister’s breakfast diner the next morning, she was still yawning.

Zachary told her to sleep in since she was sleepy. It would not affect his overtime anyway.

Serenity was speechless.

It seemed that married couples should not ignore each other.

Liberty recovered well. Under Serenity’s repeated requests, Liberty did not dare work so hard. Most of the time, Liberty asked her two workers to prepare breakfast for the customers while she did some light work. During the time she was hospitalized, the two workers did their jobs well. Although the business was not doing as well as usual, they still managed to keep their regular customers.

After Liberty returned to All You Can Eat, she gave the two workers a raise.

Liberty brought over a plate of bacon and egg sandwich with hashbrowns and asked Serenity, “Do you want peanut butter or ketchup?”

“Ketchup, please.”

Serenity yawned again as she spoke.

“You didn’t sleep well last night? I saw you yawn several times since you walked in.”

Liberty poured some ketchup for her sister, sat down beside her, and asked with concern, “Are you busy recently?”

The vegetable farm had a good harvest. The produce was distributed in batches. When one batch of vegetables was sold out, the second batch would be ready to be shipped out.

“Yeah, I’ve been quite busy.”

The vegetable business and the bookstore alone were not a lot to handle-at least Elisa could help share the burden. The main reason was that she still had to learn and master her in-laws’ family businesses Even though her mother-in-law and Zachary both said that there was no need to worry, Serenity dared not relax.


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