Married at First Sight Chapter 1912 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1912 by desirenovel-Josh: “Even the relatives of their Queen family thought Hayden was a man.”

Some distant relatives of the Queen family wanted to be matchmakers for Hayden and introduce Hayden to a girlfriend.

Josh: “Everyone is used to Hayden being a man, and I forgot about it for a while.”

Josh refused to admit that his IQ had dropped.

“Kevin has the reputation of being gay, and he wants to chase his wife. I admire it.”

Zachary said lightly: “Whether he is gay or not, Kevin knows his own affairs very well. It is the most direct way for him to do so without any trouble…So much time and thought have been devoted to dismantling Hayden’s identity as a woman.

Hayden is a man or a woman, and she knows in her heart that even though she disguised herself as a man by beating a little girl and pretending to be a man for more than 20 years, she did not transgender. Surgery, pretending to be a man for a lifetime can’t change the fact that she is a woman. If Kevin does this, she can’t resist it, and she will regain her womanhood. If she resists, Kevin can also make her admit that she is a woman.”

Zachary never worried about the major events in his brother’s life.

If they are war men, if they target a woman, that woman will not even try to get rid of them.

Kevin was unmarried, Hayden was unmarried, and she was the granddaughter-in-law candidate of her grandma, so Kevin could pursue Hayden boldly with confidence.

As his oldest brother, Zachary, he waited to drink his younger brother’s wedding wine.

Zachary stared at him, and said angrily: “Stop being here in Versailles. I don’t know how many people envy you and Ms. Sox for your smooth sailing. How many rivals do you want? If you really want to have a few rivals, I don’t mind helping you. Ms. Sox introduced a few high-quality men to meet.

Although Ms. Sox married you, she is just like my family, she is becoming more and more feminine, her charm is getting stronger and stronger, and the rate of turning heads when walking on the street is as high as 100%, I think, she is still very attractive to men.”

He was still preventing Shawn from snatching Serenity from his family.

Josh hurriedly raised the white flag to surrender, and said with a smile: “Okay, I am Versailles, I am grateful to God for her love for me, and let me and Jasmine walk along the way, and it will be smooth and smooth. Zachary, you must not introduce Jasmine a high-quality man, I don’t want a rival in love, I really don’t want it!”

“I’m kidding, look at how nervous you are.” Zachary wouldn’t do that kind of thing.

Josh: “Zack, did you already know that Kevin would do this? You are not surprised at all.”

Zachary gave him another roll of eyes.

Zachary: “It is said that your IQ has dropped, but you still don’t admit it. I told you the reason why Kevin did this, and you still ask me such an idiot question.”

Josh: “…”

Zachary: “Kevin asked Callum, and also called me. Serenity answered the call at the time. Both Serenity and Callum suggested that he pursued Mr. Queen directly. You don’t need to bother to expose Mr. Queen’s identity as a woman. Just trust my grandma. It’s fine if you don’t cheat him.”

Josh thought again and again, “If Kevin asks me for advice, I will definitely have the same idea as Callum, and let him act directly. Mr. Queen has been pretending to be a man for more than 20 years, how can it be overnight? Can he expose her womanhood? The time given by Grandma is limited to one year, Kevin doesn’t have that much time to waste.”

Zachary said: “IQ is back.”

Josh: “…”


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