Married at First Sight Chapter 1914 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1914 by desirenovel-It’s time to get off work. There were so many people in the company, coming in and out, seeing Kevin’s lots of ​​​flowers, Hayden really couldn’t wash it off by jumping into the Yellow River.

She really didn’t expect that Kevin would attack her like a ghost on his body overnight.

pursue her?

She was a man now, Kevin pursued her openly, was that to show the world, was he gay?

“Mr. York called a lot of people, and I’m afraid it’s not easy to destroy his flowers. A lot of people passing by are taking pictures.” The secretary said in embarrassment.

Kevin was not an ordinary person, he was the third young master of the York family and the person in charge of Fortress Hotel.

Although Jensburg was not the territory of the York family, it did have some influence.

Hayden’s face turned green, and she said coldly: “No matter how many people he brings over, go and smash the sea of ​​flowers!”

The secretary quickly responded, then withdrew and informed the security department of the intention to smash flowers.

Hayden couldn’t sit still either.

She picked up the mobile phone on the desk, got up abruptly, walked around the desk, and strode outside.

In one morning, she was angry by Kevin twice.

That b*stard also said that he was grateful to her for introducing him to buy the house, and he wanted to repay her. This is how he repaid her?

He wanted to create a scandal that he was gay, just find any man, why bother with her?

At the same time, Hayden also called her younger brother. After the younger brother answered the phone, she coldly ordered: “Hugh, come to the company immediately. That b*stard Kevin didn’t leave just now, and he actually asked someone to send a lot of flowers, which were placed at the entrance of the company, and words were spelled with flowers.”

“Brother, I’m at the entrance of the company, and Kevin indeed used many roses to form a line of words. That is; Hayden, I want to pursue you! Brother, is it true that Kevin is with you?”

Hugh just returned to the company.

Ever since Kevin sent her the first bouquet of flowers, Hugh couldn’t continue playing with his friends. He came to the company, and as soon as he returned to the vicinity of the company, he saw a crowd of people at the door of the company. with the cell phone camera.

His car couldn’t get through. He had no choice but to get out of the car to see what happened, and saw the large sea of​​ flowers.

He was shocked.

The one who shocked Kevin was not afraid of death, and the one who shocked Kevin was fast.

When Hayden called her younger brother, her younger brother just happened to take a picture of the sea of ​flowers and was about to send it to her sister.

“That b*stard!” Hayden hung up the phone.

Soon, her phone rang, alerting her to a new WhatsApp message.

She clicked on it to see that it was a picture sent to her by her younger brother.

It was the sea of ​flowers that Kevin placed at the gate of Queen Enterprise, and those big characters were really beautifully spelled!

Hayden found it extremely dazzling.

She was pissed off by Kevin.

Without even saying hello, he suddenly pursued her!

at the gate of Queen Enterprise.

The people called by Kevin formed a circle. They didn’t stop others from watching or taking pictures, but they just prevented the security guards of the Queen Enterprise from smashing the sea of​ flowers. This was the sea of ​flowers that they and Mr. York confessed to Mr. Queen.

It couldn’t be said to be a confession, Mr. York didn’t say that he likes Mr. Queen, he only said that he wants to pursue Mr. Queen. She thought that this was Mr. York declaring war on Mr. Queen.


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