Married at First Sight Chapter 1920 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1920 by desirenovel-It’s a pity that such a handsome man was a r*scal.

The next moment, Hayden snatched the bouquet of flowers vigorously, and then threw the bouquet on the ground in front of Kevin. She raised her foot and stepped on the bouquet.

“Mr. York, I accept it. Now you can leave.” Hayden returned the cold words.

Kevin looked at the bouquet of flowers that she had trampled on the ground, and at the back of Hayden going away, and smiled softly, “That’s enough, I’m a little interested.”

Originally, he was not interested in Hayden. But the time grandma gave him was about to expire, and he had to act.

But he was still not interested in Hayden, and now he started to pursue Hayden, Hayden’s reaction made him feel very interesting, and he finally found a little feeling.

Hugh also looked at the bouquet of flowers on the ground, and then walked over.

Kevin immediately changed his embarrassing expression.

“Mr. York.” Hugh bent down and picked up the bouquet trampled by his sister, “Mr. York, don’t be sad, my brother really doesn’t like the same s-e-x. If Mr. York really likes men from my Queen family, you can consider me, I would be happy to act with you.

It’s a pity, such a beautiful bouquet, I usually buy a bouquet for my confidence, they will be very moved, and they like this bouquet very much.”

Hugh said. Taking the bouquet of residual flowers to the trash can not far away, he threw the bouquet into the trash can.

He walked towards Kevin again, but Kevin turned and left with a look of despair.

“Mr. York,” Hugh stepped forward, put his arms around his shoulders, and comforted him: “Mr. York, you don’t have to look lost. It’s just acting. Who do you ask to accompany you to act? In other words, you’re an actor. So penetrating, I can’t tell whether you’re always acting or really pursuing my brother.”

Kevin: “I’m really pursuing your brother. Although the second young master Queen, you’re also very handsome, but compared with your brother, you are a bit inferior. Your brother is cool, and I like his cool taste.”

After finishing speaking, Kevin took away Hugh’s hand on his shoulder, “Second young Master Queen, I am serious to your brother.”

Hugh: “…”


At the entrance of the company just now, he asked Kevin if he used his sister to create a topic so as to avoid the elders’ urging marriage, Kevin didn’t deny it, he thought he had guessed right.

Now Kevin told him that it was true.

Kevin was really f*cking crooked!

He really like his brother!

Hayden called Zachary immediately after entering the hotel. She felt that her brother’s words made some sense.

She wanted to sue Zachary and let Zachary come forward to control Kevin. There were nine brothers in the York family, and they had a deep brotherhood.

Presumably Zachary would not like to see his third brother go astray.

Zachary quickly answered Hayden’s call.

“Mr. Queen,” The intention of the phone call was not obvious on the surface, and Zachary said gently: “Mr. Queen, please tell me, I will handle everything.”


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