Married at First Sight Chapter 1921 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1921 by desirenovel-After Hayden was silent, he said in a low voice: “Kevin openly said that he wanted to pursue me and pester me, but I am a man! Young master York, I don’t think you would like to see your brother become gay, right? This matter, you have to take good care of it.”

“Kevin openly said that he wanted to pursue you? Did he take action? Or did he just talk about it?” Zachary pretended not to know anything and asked Hayden.

“He pursued me today, sent me flowers, and spelled a line of words with many roses at the entrance of my company, which attracted countless people to watch. Now, people in Jensburg are probably discussing my relationship with him.”

Hayden: “Young Master York, as far as I know Kevin was a normal man when he was in Wiltspoon, and I have never heard of him having homos*xual tendencies. Now that he has this idea, You must quickly straighten him out. I can’t let him go on like this. The main thing is that I won’t respond to his pursuit and feelings. It’s doomed to be fruitless. He’ll just waste his time by doing so, and he’s also the one who gets hurt emotionally.”

Based on Zachary’s love for his cousins, Hayden thought that Zachary would definitely take care of Kevin.

After Hayden finished speaking, Zachary was silent for a moment before saying: “Mr. Queen, if it’s other things, I might be able to help you. I don’t think I can help you with this matter. Relationships are private matters, even if I am Kevin’s oldest brother, I can’t control his feelings. If he really likes you, we will respect his choice.”

Hayden: “…Young Master York, you don’t care if Kevin have homosxual tendencies? How do you manage it? There are so many homosxuals in the world, don’t their parents and relatives care about it? What’s the use? They like men. Kevin still like men, and he can’t turn it around.”

Zachary looked very open-minded, and said: “It doesn’t matter if Kevin likes women or men, we just want him to be happy.”

Hayden was speechless. After a while, she asked Zachary: “Does Kevin’s parents care?”

Zachary: “My uncle and aunt are very open-minded and never care about the feelings of the younger generation, that is, my grandma will take care of it.”

When it came to Old Mrs. York, Hayden seemed to have caught a life-saving straw, and said: “I heard that the Old Mrs. York has chosen a wife for Kevin. Now that Kevin is pursuing me, she can’t just ignore me, right? Young Master York, I seriously suspect that Kevin actually didn’t like the wife Old Mrs. York chose for him, so he used me as a shield to create a topic of homos*xuality.”

Zachary said authentically: “I don’t know about this. This is Kevin’s private matter. Although I am their oldest brother, I will not care about the relationship between my cousins​​as long as they don’t ask me for help. My uncle, aunt, and their parents don’t care. It’s just their cousin, so I can’t control that much. However, Mr, Queen, Kevin disturbed you in this way, didn’t give you a chance to adapt, and directly pursued you. You were abrupt. I apologizes to you.”

Zachary sincerely said “I’m sorry” to Hayden.

The people who suggested Kevin to pursue Hayden directly were Callum and Serenity.

Zachary’s apology to Hayden should be regarded as an apology for his wife, It was Hayden’s abruptness.

Hayden was not mentally prepared at all, and was about to face Kevin’s pursuit.

“This has nothing to do with you, Young Master York.” Hayden understood the truth, knowing this matter, it’s no wonder Zachary.

Even Kevin’s parents, according to Zachary, might not be able to control his emotional affairs, and Zachary was only their cousin.

“There are less interruptions.”

Hayden said apologetically, and ended the phone call with Zachary.


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