Married at First Sight Chapter 1922 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1922 by desirenovel-Hayden ended the call with Zachary, and Zachary over there called Kevin.

Kevin quickly answered the call.


Zachary: “Your action is really fast. You only called for help last night, and today you started a vigorous pursuit, which scared Hayden into a daze.”

Kevin had returned to his Fortress Hotel from Queens’ Greenrest Hotel. Anyway, he achieved his goal.

He left half a day for Hayden to get used to it.

In the evening, Hayden was going to attend a banquet. Coincidentally, he was also going to attend that banquet in the evening. At the banquet, he would pursue Hayden hard. He wanted to see how long Hayden could maintain his manhood.

“My second brother and my sister-in-law both suggested that I do this. I think what they said is reasonable. The time my grandma gave me is not long. There are still a few months left.” Kevin chuckled, “Brother, I have to say that this method is very useful. Hayden’s serious face has changed because of the flowers I gave her. “I can’t see her more than she looks like a man. It’s okay if she’s more like a man than me, if she’s more handsome than me, I will tear off her disguise.”

Zachary said to him: “Do you really want to pursue her and marry her in the future? Her men’s clothes are more handsome than yours, and you don’t admit defeat, so you go after her?”

Kevin: “Of course it’s to marry her.”

Zachary said with a smile: “Hayden called me just now.”

Kevin: “Brother, What did she call you for? Sue me?”

Zachary: “Get back on track, and say that it’s useless for you to pursue him. He doesn’t like homosxuality, if you continue like this, you will only be hurt. Also said that you may use her to create homosxual topics, so as to escape marriage Grandma is urging you to marry.”

Kevin laughed, “Brother, I know. Hugh asked me the same way, asking me if I wanted to create a topic to avoid urging marriage, and told me that if I was acting. He can act with me and ask me not to disturb his brother.

“Brother, Hayden, in my opinion, was very dull. She is only aware of how to go to work and conduct daily business. She appears masculine, and she frequently has a serious expression. Even when I look at her, I’m not moved. As a result, I haven’t felt the urge to act in a while, and I find it difficult to make love to her. I’m now after her, I found it to be extremely interesting because of her response. I just pestered her and teased her, and her reaction was really funny.”

Kevin told Hayden in no hurry that she was actually the wife candidate his grandma picked for him.

Now he was simply pursuing his wife in accordance with Grandma’s wishes.

Hayden always said that she was a man, would she dare to take off her pants in front of him?

Whether she is a man or a woman, the truth can be seen as soon as the pants are taken off. Otherwise, no matter how much she said, it would be false.

Zachary reminded him: “Don’t go too far. You have to tell her clearly when the time is right. You have gone too far, chasing your wife to the crematorium, don’t blame elder brother for not reminding you.”


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