Married at First Sight Chapter 2510 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2510-Rosella also looked at Camryn.

Rosella wanted to have a grandchild. If the young people didn’t want to have a baby yet or the reality was not suitable yet, she could wait. There was no need to wait for a few more years, as long as the young people didn’t take the DINK route.

Really going the DINK route…

It was difficult for them to accept it as elders for a while, but as time went by, they were able to accept it.

The children had grown up. They had their own ideas about the life they wanted to live. As long as the children were happy and felt happy, that’s fine.

“Are you tired? Why don’t you go first and sit in the pavilion?” Rosella asked Camryn when they arrived at a pavilion.

Camryn said, “I’m not tired.”

When she arrived, she wanted to go inside and say hello to everyone, but when she arrived, she sat under the pavilion.

“Dr. Carden said that my current body is having difficulty with childbirth, and I need to take medicine for a period of time to recuperate. But I have to wait until my eyes stop taking medicine before prescribing me medicine to recuperate my body.” Camryn told the truth calmly.

It’s better to let her husband’s family know as early as possible so that everyone can be mentally prepared, so as not to worry the elders if she doesn’t get pregnant for a long time after marriage.

Hearing this, Rosella asked with concern, “Dr. Carden, did she say it could be treated?”

Camryn had a bad life before, and she would have some physical problems that needed to be treated. Rosella could understand.

At the same time, she resented her in-laws very much. She didn’t understand. Even if she didn’t love her ex-husband, wasn’t her daughter her biological child? She was also born in ten months of pregnancy. How could Mrs. Newman be so partial?

For Carrie, the little daughter, Mrs. Newman held her hands for fear of falling and her mouth for fear of melting.

For Camryn, the eldest daughter, even if she didn’t love her, she always abused her and even wanted her life.

Camryn was blessed with great fortune and survived several deaths, but ended up blind for ten years and suffered from damaged health, which made it difficult to give birth.

She resented the partiality, callousness, and indifference of her relatives and felt sorry for Camryn’s experience.

She is such a smart and beautiful daughter; if she were born into the York family, she would be a doted-on princess.

How could she bear to mistreat her?

Serenity also looked at Camryn with concern.

She herself was in love with Zachary for a year before she got pregnant. Before she got pregnant, people outside were saying behind her back that she had not been pregnant for so long and suspected that she was infertile.

Even if Zachary explained it specifically, how many people would believe it?

People outside didn’t say anything. Her husband’s grandmother was worried about this matter and sent a medicine list to her mother-in-law, saying that after taking those medicines, she could regulate her body and get pregnant successfully.

She knew what kind of pressure she would face if she was not pregnant for a long time after marriage, and she would also become anxious and extremely stressed.

“Dr. Carden said it could be cured. She said I was in poor health before. Fortunately, I met her and was able to recover. If it had taken longer, there would be little hope. She prescribed me medicine to treat it, and I took the medicine for a year and a half. I’ll be fine with it. If I switch to another doctor to take care of me, it will probably take two years or even longer.”

After hearing that Lilian could help Camryn take care of her health, Rosella and Serenity were relieved.

Rosella said, “As long as you can adjust well, get married first. You and your husband can live in a two-person world for a few years, and it won’t be too late to have children.”


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