Married at First Sight Chapter 2512 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2512-Only then did Callum have a chance to be alone with Camryn.

He held the gift in one hand and Camryn’s hand in the other. He walked far away before he dared to complain.

Camryn smiled and said, “I see you are enjoying it.”

She took out her mobile phone, broke away from Callum’s hand holding her, and said, “My mobile phone kept ringing just now. I don’t know who it is.” The other party sent me a lot of WhatsApp messages. I was chatting with your mom, but I didn’t read them.”

She clicked on WhatsApp and saw the messages from the Newman family’s butler.

All were photos and videos.

After seeing the photos and videos, she said to Callum, “I can guess that Carrie will go to her two aunts for help, but the new number is not my eldest or second aunt’s.”

“The result of the search is that the person with the new number is surnamed Jenkins. I checked it out and found that I don’t know anyone named Jenkins. I asked brother Dal, and brother Dal also said that there is no one in the Newman family. None of my uncle’s so-called friends and brothers have this surname.

Carrie must be related to the person surnamed Jenkins when she called him, but I don’t know the identity of the person surnamed Jenkins. The person contacted Carrie just after she came out. Callum, do you think my mother’s dark influence has not been wiped out?

They are waiting for an opportunity to contact Carrie, use Carrie, and then concentrate their power to retaliate against us.”

Callum took the phone from her hand, and after looking at the photos and videos, she said, “Start with it first; Carrie is not a very powerful character; she is too young. Without too much scheming, even if someone wants to take advantage of her, sooner or later there will be flaws. As long as you continue to stare at her, you can always know the identity of the person surnamed Jenkins.

If it is really your mother’s remaining power, then don’t worry. If they make a comeback and gather a force to take revenge, it will just happen to bring them to justice again.

However, as far as I know, so many police forces were dispatched at the beginning. Anyone who showed up was arrested, and those who ran away were also wanted. I guess they were not so bold and dared to return to Wiltspoon.

If you are worried, I will tell my elder brother after dinner and ask him to contact Mr. Bucham and ask him for help in checking.”

Callum comforted her, “Don’t worry, Carrie dares to be involved in gangs like her mother. Let’s send her in again and let her mother and daughter reunite.”

He was eager to send Carrie in again.

If Carrie no longer committed crimes, she would be outside and target Camryn all the time. Although it wouldn’t make a difference, it would still affect Camryn’s mood.

Camryn was silent for a while and then said, “Based on what I know about her, she won’t dare commit any more crimes in a short period of time. She was spoiled by her parents before. She doesn’t know how high the sky is and thinks the sky is falling.

I also thought that everything could be explained and settled with money. After suffering a loss, her parents have been severely sentenced again, and no one can support her or pamper her. She can only speak loudly and scold me, and she doesn’t dare to commit murder or arson again.

My two eldest aunts will use her to come back to compete with me for family property and company. They are living a miserable life now. They hate me in their hearts, but they can’t fight for it. Carrie suddenly came out early, which just gave them hope. In any case, Carrie can get a part of the Newman family’s property.”

Camryn suddenly chuckled. “I want to see what tricks they can play.”

She had endured for many years and finally overthrown her mother and uncle. She took charge of everything in the Newman family and sought justice for her father.

Carrie wanted to take everything back from Camryn, but she had to agree that she didn’t have that ability.

Callum: “If you need help, be sure to tell me. Don’t bother brother Dal with everything. Although Dal is an older brother, he has a wife. If we keep bothering him, my sister-in-law will have objections.”

Camryn laughed. “You call him brother, but in your heart you still regard brother Dal as your love rival. I have said it N times: Brother Dal and I are brother and sister.”

Callum secretly cursed in his heart: ‘Dalton loved her; I just didn’t dare to express my feelings, and now I can only keep it buried deep in my heart.’


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