Married at First Sight Chapter 2514 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2514-Hayden liked Kevin and had some feelings for him, but the feelings were not deep enough that she was willing to marry him.

Therefore, Kevin’s first priority was still chasing his wife.

By the way, he was located in the Fortress Hotel, and there were several factories under the York Corporation in Jensburg. Kevin occasionally went to the factories to guide the work.

Camryn thought of Hayden’s always cold demeanor and said, “Miss Queen resembles a man more than a man. Her momentum and behavior are all very similar to those of a man. In other words, her voice is a little crisp, not as low-pitched as you men.”

Hayden always lowers her voice deliberately when talking to others. Even so, there was still a difference between her and a real man.

However, there were some men who speak a little sharper, and others thought that Hayden was also that kind of person, without ever doubting that Hayden was actually a woman.

Callum said with a smile, “She has been dressing up as a man since she was a child. She has been pretending to be a man for more than 20 years. Isn’t it different? She is too cold. When I competed with my elder brother in the past, he was always cold and serious. He looks like he should not be approached by strangers.

You don’t know how serious and cold my eldest brother used to be. When you met my eldest brother, he was already a maniac who doted on his wife. In front of my sister-in-law, my eldest brother was as gentle as water.

Kevin is the only one who can pick up a woman like Miss Queen. I still like girls like you. They are as gentle as water, but not weak. They look easy to bully, but they are actually hard-core and have first-rate patience.”

Camryn, next to him, immediately pinched Callum as soon as the sound occurred.

“You think I’m a tough nut, but you still want to chew on me.” Camryn didn’t ask him to bite her.

Camryn didn’t want to hurt Callum, but he stuck to her like a piece of brown sugar, making it impossible for her to get rid of it.

He snatched away her first kiss.

Fortunately, at that time, Callum used some tough tactics, but he respected her later and didn’t dare to be tough on her again.

Callum: Don’t go back on old scores. He was jealous at that time and was too impulsive.

He forced her to kiss him once, but she ignored him, which made him anxious. In the end, he had no choice but to ask his brother-in-law for help and ask her sister-in-law to put in a good word for him in front of her. He then followed her shamelessly and apologized in various ways. That incident—that’s when it was revealed.

Callum: “I am a dog, so I like to chew bones.”

Camryn went to pinch him again, but when she saw someone coming out of the house, she gave him some face, so she stopped pinching him.

Camryn could see someone coming out of the house, but because it was still a little far away, she couldn’t clearly see who was coming out. She asked Callum in a low voice, “I saw someone coming out; who is it?”

Callum: “Auntie Madisyn.”

Camryn: “Oh, I only saw someone coming out, but I couldn’t see clearly.”

Callum: “I’ll help you make medicine tonight. Take the medicine on time, and you will slowly be able to regain your normal vision.”

Camryn: “To be honest, those medicines are really bitter. Every time you help me make medicine, it’s a big bowl, dark, and you can tell it’s bitter when you smell it.”

Every time, Camryn had to pinch her nose before she could drink it all.


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