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Married at First Sight Chapter 2516-“Yes, everyone in our family is good-looking, haha.” Madisyn laughed heartily.

She also had a cheerful personality. Compared with Tania, she was less dignified and calm. She said that she was not the head wife, so she did not need to be overly dignified. Tania was the head wife, so she must be mature, calm, dignified, and noble.

In fact, privately, Tania was similar to them.

The three sisters-in-law have very similar personalities, so they get along very well.

Madisyn asked, “Camryn, when you first saw Callum, were you satisfied with him?”

Camryn’s face turned red, but she still said with a smile, “When I couldn’t see him, I touched his face countless times. I imagined what he looked like in my mind, but when I actually saw him, I was surprised. He felt different from what I felt when I touched him.

Of course, I am very, very satisfied. My aunt Azalea (Evelyn) often told me that I should be nice to Callum in the future. She always says that if I can find a boyfriend like Callum, it is my father who has blessed me in heaven.

She treats Callum better than she treats me. and she used to love me the most.”

The last sentence of Camryn seemed to be complaining about her aunt Azalea’s favoritism, but her face was full of smiles and happiness, which could even be seen on her eyebrows.

But Azalea was very satisfied with Callum.

With Callum’s excellence, he could have chosen a better girl than Camryn, but Callum still chose Camryn without the slightest dislike and even made countless trips to cure Camryn’s eyes.

At FC Manor, Dr. Carden was invited to come over after suffering all the looks from Tim.

Her sincerity towards Camryn made Azalea feel that her niece was lucky to have met Callum in her previous life.

Even if she knew that when Callum started to get close to Camryn, it was because of old Mrs. York’s arrangement.

Maybe Callum didn’t have feelings for Camryn at first and just wanted to give it a try. As time went by, he developed feelings for Camryn and showed his sincerity.

Camryn’s affirmation of Callum made Madisyn laugh even more happily, as if it were her son whom Camryn was praising.

Callum was slightly older than Kevin, and Madisyn watched him grow up. In Madisyn’s heart, Callum was almost like a son, and she loved him equally.

The three people entered the room while chatting.

The room was quiet.

There was a game of chess on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Callum’s third uncle, Bowen, was sitting on the sofa, supporting his cheek with one hand and holding a chess piece in the other. He frowned and thought hard about where the chess piece in his hand should go.


Callum called Bowen loudly.


Camryn’s voice was much gentler.

Madisyn said to her husband, “Callum and Camryn are here. Hurry up and put away the chess pieces. If you don’t want to play any more, I will play two games with you another day when I am free.”

Bowen looked up at his nephew and smiled, “Callum is back. Camryn, why did you buy so many things again? You’re too polite. Don’t buy any more in the future. As a family, we don’t pay attention to so much false etiquette. As long as you can come back for a meal, we, the old guys, will be happy.”

“Uncle, it’s just a little thing, worthless.” Camryn said warmly, “I won’t buy it next time.”

Bowen said, “Camryn, you always say you won’t buy it the next time, but you always come here with big and small bags. Quick, sit down. Callum, go get Camryn a glass of water. This is your home. Eat and drink whatever you want. Just do it yourself.” After looking at the chessboard, he said, “I can’t finish this game, and I won’t even be able to enjoy my meal.”


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