Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 795 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 795

“Why thirty jewelry sets, Mr. York? Is there a significance to the number?”

Zachary replied, “Not really. I was thinking there are thirty days to a month. With thirty jewelry sets, Seren can wear a different set every day for a month. That’s all.”

The world of the rich was not something ordinary people could ever comprehend.

They would love to be in Serenity’s shoes; even the male reporters were green with envy.

It was a good thing they were not in the same circle as Mr. York. Otherwise, they would play second fiddle to Mr. York and would never be able to find a girlfriend. They would feel under pressure to compete with Mr. York.

“Mr. York, your wife is Mrs. Stone’s niece, but you’re at odds with Mr. Stone. Are you open to improving your relationship with Stone Group for your wife? Also, the heiress of Stone Group had once openly declared her love for you and pursued you. Now that she and your wife are cousins, how are you moving forward from there?”

Zachary faintly responded, “We’re family, but there’s no giving way in the business world. I’ll do me, and he’ll do him.

“I appreciate Ms. Stone’s affection, but I only have eyes for my Seren. She’s the only one for me. We promised each other that we will never separate. We will stick together forever.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I be afraid to face Ms. Stone?”

The press followed up with more questions. “As far as we know, you have not visited the Stones.”

“Mrs. Stone took the whole family on vacation and hasn’t returned. Am I supposed to visit an empty home?”

The reporter was speechless.

Although Zachary put it lightly, the press was curious about the Stones‘ reaction when they found out that Zachary was Serenity’s husband.

It was said that Ms. Stone was close with Serenity. The pair hit it off and became best friends before realizing they were cousins.

Everybody in the city was aware of Ms. Stone’s feelings for Mr. York. It was doubtful that Ms. Stone had let go of her unrequited love. How would she react when she received news that her cousin was married to the man she loved dearly?

The Stones and the Yorks were not on great terms, but undeniably, Elisa was the only woman in the whole of Wiltspoon who was an equal to Zachary, social strata speaking.

However, Zachary would rather ditch Elisa, who was compatible with him in every way, and married a nobody and an orphan who lived with her sister. Would Ms. Stone lose it and feel insulted?

A defeat was easier if it was to a worthy opponent; such was the nature of people.

It would be a hard pill to swallow when the victor was someone lesser as no amount of talking could let anyone get over it.

Now the media was aware that Zachary married the girl to thank her for saving his nana’s life.

Nevertheless, the couple spent time together and started to develop feelings for each other after the marriage.

“Mr. York, how do you get along with your wife?”

“The same as how other couples get along. There’s nothing peculiar about the way we do things.”

“Do you and your wife get your groceries from the farmer’s market?”

“We do. We’re people after all. We need to eat, so of course we get our groceries.”

The reporters believed they might bump into Mr. York getting groceries if they hung around the farmer’s market.

Zachary gave the impression of someone on higher ground. He was the heir of the richest family in the city and the boss of York Corporation. Since his time was money, he probably had no time to prepare his own meals.

It never occurred to the press that Mr. York would go grocery shopping at the farmer’s market like ordinary people.

No. The person who changed Mr. York was Serenity.

“Um… Who does the cooking? Is it the missus?”

“Whoever is free to cook. Seren will tidy up the house if I cook. We do an equal share of the household chores.”

“You cook too, Mr. York?


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