Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 823 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 823

Meanwhile, what was someone who locked herself in the guest room doing?

Serenity found a pen and paper in the room. She sat down in front of the sofa, put the paper on the coffee table, and then plopped down to carefully write a divorce agreement.

The couple did not buy another house after the marriage, so there was no property to divide.

He once said that he would leave the house in Brynfield to her, as well as the national MPV, if they divorced.

Serenity did not want them.

She did not want the house he used to deceive her! She did not want his car either.

The car she was driving now was bought with Zachary’s money. She would pay him

the full amount after the divorce.

She would not split his property or require him to compensate for her youth that sort of thing, or anything at all. They would each keep whatever assets under their names, and no one would owe the other anything. She just needed him to sign the paper.

If he wanted her to compensate for the loss of his youth or the likes, she was willing to give him a little. After all, the great Mr. York lowered himself to marry someone like her, so he deserved some compensation from her.

However, she would not agree if he asked for more.

She would only compensate him with a sum of money within her ability.

Knock, knock.

Someone was at the door.

“Seren, can you open the door and let me in?”

It was Zachary.

Serenity ignored him.

She would only get angry by just looking at him.

“Seren, you’ve been inside for a long time. Aren’t you feeling stuffy? Come on out. I’l accompany you for a walk in the yard. There are a lot of flowers in our yard and they’re really beautiful. Why don’t you come downstairs and enjoy the blooms? I had it specially decorated for you.”

Serenity remained silent and did not open the door.

“Seren, are you hungry? I had someone cook your favorite dishes. You’ll be able to smell the aroma if you just slightly open the door. Look, the sun is almost setting You must be hungry now.”

Zachary used food again to coax Serenity into opening the door.

When there was no movement from inside the room, he continued, “Seren, I’m really hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since noon, and it’s almost dinner now. I won’t eat if you don’t come out. I’ll stay hungry with you.”

“Get lost! I don’t want to talk to you. You’re a liar!” Serenity yelled.

Zachary choked as his heart felt suffocated. He stood at the door for a long time before silently going downstairs.

Then, he told the maids to go upstairs to knock on the door and deliberately threatened them, “If you can’t get the missus to open the door and come out, I’ll fire all of you and you’ll be jobless.”

The maids were speechless.

That was too much pressure!

Thus, they went upstairs together and knocked on Serenity’s room door.

“Missus, it’s Felicia. Can you open the door please?”

Felicia, who was in charge of knocking the door, was the representative in the negotiation” with Serenity.

Serenity finished writing the divorce agreement, picked it up, and read it several times to make sure there were no problems. She took the document, stood up from the sofa, and walked to the door.

Felicia was still persuading her through the door. “Missus, Mr. Zachary is very worried about you. Come downstairs to eat. Mr. Zachary hasn’t eaten anything all day. He’ll ruin his health.”

Serenity went to unlock the door and pulled it open.


The maids were overjoyed when Serenity opened the door. Their jobs were saved.

“Missus, you must be hungry. Dinner is ready.”

Serenity said indifferently, “Don’t call me Missus. I won’t be your missus soon. Where’s Zachary?”

Felicia naturally spoke up for Zachary and said, “Missus, Mr. Zachary had his difficulties when he lied to you. He’s downstairs now.”

“What difficulties does he have? He doesn’t have any hardships at all. He was on guard against me and didn’t trust me, so he treated me like I was a thief!” She knew how he had misunderstood her and had his walls up against her.


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