Married at First Sight Chapter 1595

Married at First Sight Chapter 1595–Elisa smiled and said, “Remy’s very busy today. Besides sending me flowers and love letters, he only sends me a few messages every day.

“His sister–in–law is about to give birth, so he said that he’ll have to finish his work as soon as possible. and return to Annenburg.”

Serenity said, “Jane is pregnant with twins. Most twins are born prematurely. She told me that she expects to give birth in June. Now it’s mid–May, so it’s about time.”

At the mention of pregnancy, Elisa wanted to ask Serenity if she had any news, but Elisa gave up when the words came to her lips.

Serenity was too busy with work now and her attention was diverted, so she did not have time to worry about pregnancy.

If Elisa mentioned it, Serenity would feel sad again

“I’ll pick Zachary up from work later, so I can’t accompany you for lunch”

Elisa understood and said, “Oh, okay. Should I also go to Remy’s office to pick him up? Seren, what do you think his expression will be like when he sees me?”

“He’ll be ecstatic!”

The two of them had not officiated their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend If Elisa took the initiative. to look for Remy, it would be seen as a response, and he would certainly be ecstatic

Not long after, Elisa left Serenity’s bookstore.

Serenity did not meet Zachary at noon because she felt that his lunch hour was too short.

She did not close the store until late in the evening and went to Spring Blossoms first.

Camryn and Callum did not make much progress either.

Callum was pursuing Camryn, but Camryn still rejected his feelings.

Callum told Zachary privately that it was very difficult to chase after his wife.

He envied Zachary and Serenity for getting their marriage license upon their first meeting, so Zachary did not have to chase after Serenity.

Zachary felt like laughing.

He had conflicts with Serenity before they got to where they were today.

His younger brothers witnessed how he went crazy for Serenity.

Even though Callum had not won over Camryn yet, he at least made some moves. Kevin and Hayden had zero progress.

Grandma May was not in a hurry. Regardless, she only gave them a one–year deadline.

It was Kevin’s business as to how he wanted to meet the deadline.

“Serenity, you’re here.”

As soon as Serenity entered the store, Camryn heard her footsteps. She turned to face Serenity with a smile.

“You have really good ears.”

Serenity put a box of pastries in front of Camryn and said, “I passed by a bakery and bought several boxes of freshly baked pastries. I tasted them and thought that they were delicious, so I got you a box.”

Camryn did not refuse and thanked her with a smile.

She also liked to eat desserts, as they were the key to a woman’s heart.

“Camryn, I’m here to get the bouquet I ordered.”

Camryn smiled and said, “It’s ready for you.”

She got up to fetch the bouquet that had been wrapped long ago and handed it to Serenity.

Serenity took the bouquet. “Thanks.”

“I should be the one to say thank you. You always support my business.”

Serenity looked at her and felt that Camryn seemed to be a little thinner. She asked, “Camryn, have your not been eating properly recently? I think you’ve lost some weight. Are your aunts still bothering you?”

“They won’t give up, but they can’t gain anything from me either.”

It had been two months since Camryn’s mother went to jail. Camryn had already asked Dalton to take over Newman Enterprise.

“Yesterday, I just fired my aunts‘ sons. They gathered some people in the office and made a fuss. It had a negative impact on the company.”

Camryn’s cousins relied on their relationship with their uncle to dominate Newman Enterprise. For the sake of his two sisters, Mr. Newman often turned a blind eye.

Camryn would not spoil them.

They wanted a share of Newman Enterprise, so Camryn would not keep them. Thus, she seized the opportunity to fire all her cousins from Newman Enterprise.

If her guess was correct, her two aunts would soon come to trouble her again.

However, Camryn was not afraid of them.

“Just fire them if they’re incompetent. There’s no need to consider blood relationships. They weren’t nice to you in the first place.

Serenity knew all about what Camryn’s aunts did to Camryn.


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