Married at First Sight Chapter 1929 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1929 by desirenovel-The servant went to open the door.

Two cars drove into the Stones’ big villa.

Audrey and Alice only recognize Remy’s car, not Julian’s.

Not to mention Julian’s car, even Julian, they rarely see him.

It was Julian who got out of the car, Audrey and Alice also walked over, and Audrey recognized Julian.

“Auntie, good afternoon.”

Seeing Audrey coming, Julian greeted her with a bright smile.

“Mr. Bucham,” Audrey laughed, “What kind of wind is blowing today, Mr. Bucham? Rare guest, rare guest, Mr. Bucham, please come to the house.”

“Auntie won’t invite me in, I also have the cheek to go into the house and beg for a glass of water.” Julian turned around and took the bouquet of flowers for Elisa from the car.

The bouquet of flowers that Elisa was holding was sent by Remy, and Remy also grabbed her suitcase first, and helped her carry it, without the help of Julian.

“Auntie, sister-in-law.” Remy ignored Audrey’s enthusiasm for Mr. Bucham, and greeted him politely.

Mr. Bucham just nodded to her as a greeting.

Due to the presence of Mr. Bucham, Audrey couldn’t be too indifferent to Remy, so she hummed, looked at her daughter holding the bouquet, and smiled like a nympho, even the brows were covered with sweet, liked Remy.

Audrey sighed inwardly.

Elisa had a good eye, and the men she picked and fell in love with were all excellent.

It’s a pity that one of had intentions, but the flowing water was ruthless, and the other was happy with each other, but Remy’s home was too far away.

In the words of her daughter-in-law, let’s see how long Remy could last, and see if a man who is more suitable for Elisa than Remy suddenly appears?

“Mom, sister-in-law.”

Elisa jumped in front of her mother with the bouquet in her arms, and called her with a smile.

Audrey immediately put on a serious face and said to her: “Elisa, how old are you? can’t you walk properly? You actually use jumping. Holding such a large bouquet of flowers is very dazzling. Take it away quickly.”

Elisa smiled and said: “Even if I am a hundred years old, I am still a child in front of my mother. What’s the use of dancing a few times? This flower is so beautiful, Remy gave it to me, I like it very much. Mom, you think, it is dazzling, it must be you envy your daughter that I received the bouquet, and I will call dad later, and tell dad to buy you a bouquet when he comes back, so mom doesn’t have to envy me for receiving the bouquet.”

Audrey: ” …”

Alice chuckled.

Alice smiled and said to her sister-in-law: “Elisa, please invite Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bucham to enter the house first.”

Elisa returned to Remy’s side, holding Remy’s arm affectionately, and said with a smile: “Remy, you’re a regular guest of our family, so I don’t need to invite you.”

She looked at Julian and said, “Please come in and have a seat, Mr. Bucham.”

Julian handed the bouquet of flowers to Elisa, and said, “Elisa, I am a big man holding a bouquet, which is really dazzling. I bought this bouquet for you, and I prepared it for you.”

As he spoke, he forcefully took away Elisa’s hand that was holding Remy’s arm, and then stuffed the bouquet into Elisa’s arms.

Elisa instinctively hugged the bouquet of flowers tightly with her free hand.


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