Married at First Sight Chapter 2524 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2524-After that, even if Holden was very dissatisfied, he did not dare to cheat on Matriarch Farrell again.

Fortunately, his children were pretty good to him as a father and would secretly give him some money to spend, so he lived a comfortable life.

As long as his children were filial, Matriarch Farrell would not care about them.

Of course, if he dared to flirt with women outside, Matriarch Farrell would not be polite to him.

Matriarch Farrell once warned him that if he dared to flirt with women outside, he would be destroyed.

Holden believed that his wife could do what she said.

For decades, no matter how many flowers outside came to him, he did not dare to pick a petal.

“This is not a question of having money or not, but a question of who is right and who is wrong.” Matriarch Farrell said it seriously.

Shiloh didn’t dare to complain. After a long while, she said again, “Mom, even if I am at fault, Kathryn can’t freeze my bank card. What qualifications does she have to do this? She is not the head of the family yet, but she treats me like this. When she really becomes Matriarch Farrell, Mom, do I still have a way to survive?”

As she said that, Shiloh sobbed again. “Mom, I have grown up by your side since I was born, and I can also feel your love for me. Well, I have always thought that I am a member of the Farrell family. I was not aware of the bad things my biological father did, so I am innocent.

Mom, you also told me that I will always be a child of yours, but after being on a business trip for half a month, Kathryn took me for an operation and frozen my bank card. If Kathryn becomes the boss in the future, how can I still live?”

“Don’t you have assets in your name? Do you still need some pocket money?” Matriarch Farrell said calmly.

Shiloh’s money was not actually pocket money. Her daily quota of $5000 was not enough for her to spend. What she spent was a credit card given to her by Matriarch Farrell. She could use whatever she wanted.

Shiloh said: “I don’t have many assets in my name, just a few houses, two or three cars, and two shops, and my savings are not even nine figures.”

Her savings were just over $10 million.

For someone who was used to spending money like water, she said that a deposit of just over $10 million couldn’t be spent easily.

It’s hard to sell her luxury goods now, and she couldn’t sell them now. When Kathryn came to power, her life would be difficult, and she could resell them for money.

In addition to buying luxury goods, Shiloh also wanted to invest to ensure her future.

She used to be the young mistress and successor of the Farrell family, and the entire Farrell family would become hers. She didn’t have to bother investing in private properties at all; she just bought a few apartments and shops.

God was kidding her. Now she wanted to invest, but she didn’t have enough funds.

Matriarch Farrell: “Has Kathryn frozen your personal bank card?”

“That’s my personal bank card. What qualifications does she have to freeze mine? It’s the card I used to receive my pocket money, and the credit card you gave me to use was frozen.”

Matriarch Farrell said, “Since your personal bank card has not been frozen, then you can spend the money in your personal bank card.”


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