Married at First Sight Chapter 2526 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2526-Her mother went to Wiltspoon in person to attend Zachary’s wedding, and she stayed in Wiltspoon for more than half a month. Kathryn knew what the purpose was, and so did everyone else.

Kathryn did not dare to arrange for someone to visit Wiltspoon to inquire about the news during this time because she was afraid of her mother finding out, but she could tell that her mother would not get along there.

Wiltspoon was the territory of the York family, the Lewis family, the Bucham family, and the Stone family. The four major families were now twisted into a rope. Her mother wanted to do something in Wiltspoon, but it was difficult to achieve success.

Hearing that Kathryn was still working overtime for the company, Matriarch Farrell softened her tone a bit. She asked, “Shiloh said that you told your sister-in-law that your brothers were looking for women outside? And you have frozen Shiloh’s bank card?”

Kathryn admitted honestly, “That’s what I did. Could it be that I did something wrong? My brothers are all married. A man with a family should be loyal to his family. Although my sisters-in-law are also partial to Shiloh, they all show respect to me, my sister-in-law. But they are all women. I sympathize with them and don’t want to see them deceived. People all over the world know that their husbands are raising mistresses outside, but they don’t know. Mom, you also know, right?

I can’t keep silent. I have to let them know that their husbands have betrayed them. As for their choice Whether they tolerate or resist, that’s their business.”

Matriarch Farrell said, “Your brother and the others are just playing for fun. Those women outside are not allowed to be on the stage. They are just to relieve your brothers’ boredom and are tools to vent their anger. They won’t marry back, and mom won’t let them marry those women.

It’s not easy to be the young mistress of our Farrell family. Kathryn, what you do is superficially right, but they are your dear brothers. If you say that, your brothers’ marriages have cracked. Are you happy with this result?

Family ugliness must not be made public. You will be Matriarch Farrell in the future. To do this, family ugliness, no matter how big the trouble is, you should close the door and resolve it in your own home, and don’t spread it out. If it causes trouble in the city, it won’t be good for anyone.

I won’t be able to go back for another two days. When you go back later, open my warehouse, get a few sets of jewelry from it, give them to your sisters-in-law, comfort them, and tell them that I will take care of it when I get back. Yes, your brothers will be cut off from the outside world.”

Kathryn said, “Now that they have entered our Farrell family, unless they take the initiative to divorce, no one else can take away their position as the young mistress of the Farrell family.”

She curled her lips and cursed in her heart: ‘Her mother was very strict with her father; her son cheated on her and betrayed her daughter-in-law, but her mother’s reaction was outrageous.’

If the knife is not inserted into oneself, one will not know the pain.

Matriarch Farrell said, “Kathryn, are you listening?”

Kathryn said oh and responded, “Mom, I understand. When I get home later, I will go to your warehouse to pick out a few sets of jewelry for my sisters-in-law.”

Matriarch Farrell asked, “Why did you freeze Shiloh’s bank card?”

Kathryn said, “Mom, didn’t she file a complaint against me to you?”

“She said she accidentally scratched your car; you wanted that she would pay for the car repairs. She thought that she was your sister and she didn’t have to pay for it, but you frozen her bank card and made her unable to pay when she bought things. She was embarrassed. When she called me, she cried so sadly and felt wronged.”

Kathryn said calmly, “It seems that the crying child has candy.”

Matriarch Farrell: “Kathryn!”

“I just froze the credit card that you gave her. Since the company issued the credit card, paying it back is the same as using company funds. Since I am in charge of the company’s finances, it goes without saying that I cannot permit Shiloh to spend company funds carelessly.” Kathryn said confidently. “She can’t wait to bring all the luxury goods back to Jensburg, spend the money from my Farrell Group to buy property, and prepare to leave the Farrell family in the future. People in the family are very dissatisfied with Shiloh’s behavior. If I do this, everyone in the family finds it very satisfying.”


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