The Mans Decree Chapter 3850

Chapter 3850 A Gift For You
When Kai realized something was off with Vermilion Demon Lord, he glanced at his own palm and was instantly taken aback.
Without him realizing it, the statue had transformed into a living person.
That person held a device in his hand. Donned in a splendid golden robe, he appeared quite youthful.
However, it seemed like the person couldn’t move and was supported by Kai.
Startled, Kai instinctively threw the person away, causing him to tumble onto the ground.
“You clueless kid, why did you drop me? Hurry up and place me on that cushion,” the man yelled at Kai, his face flushed with anger.
Kai studied the individual before him, his face etched with confusion. “Who are you? And why should I listen to you? Besides, judging by our ages, you’re not much older than me. How dare you call me a kid?”
“I am the leader of the Infinitnus Celestial Sect and have lived for tens of thousands of years. What’s wrong with addressing you as a kid?” The person glared at Kai in irritation. “After becoming an immortal, one can change their appearance at will. You are utterly ignorant to judge age by appearance!”
“F*ck…” Kai was flabbergasted.
The sect leader of Infinitnus Celestial Sect has lived for over ten thousand years? In that case, he is allowed to call me a kid.
In a hurry, Kai placed the leader of the Infinitnus Celestial Sect on the cushion.
Just as he settled down, the sect leader, Wesley Jagger, seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. His hands began to move slowly. Following that, the liquified celestial energy that Kai had painstakingly frozen was now being absorbed frantically by Wesley.
“What are you doing? This is mine…”
Kai was shocked. What he had managed to obtain after much difficulty was now being taken away from him.
Kai wanted to intervene, but he found himself completely immobilized.
He watched, wide-eyed, as the celestial energy ice block was completely absorbed by Wesley.
The sight brought Kai to the verge of tears.
“Hahaha, I have finally recovered!”
Wesley stood up, bursting into uncontrollable laughter.
In response, Kai said, “You’ve absorbed my celestial energy ice block, what will you compensate me with?”
“What do you mean by yours?” Wesley looked at Kai. “The celestial energy pool has always belonged to the Infinitnus Celestial Sect. Since when did it become yours?”
Kai was suddenly at a loss for words. Wesley spoke the truth, leaving Kai with no room for rebuttal.
“Hand it over!” Wesley beckoned to Kai as he spoke.
“Hand what over?” Kai was taken aback.
“The painting!” exclaimed Wesley.
“What painting? I don’t have any!”
Kai acted as if he knew nothing at all.
The painting was a treasured possession of the Infinitnus Celestial Sect, undoubtedly a valuable item. Kai certainly couldn’t bear to part with it.
Wesley gestured, and the painting flew out from Kai’s Storage Ring, landing in Wesley’s hands.
“You ignorant fool. If the demon within this painting is released, not just you, but the entire Ethereal Realm will disappear,” Wesley sneered.
“The Ethereal Realm will vanish?” Kai was taken aback, then turned to Wesley and asked, “In that case, was Ethereal Realm established by the Infinitnus Celestial Sect?”
Wesley nodded in acknowledgment. “Correct!”
Kai was even more astonished. It seems the Infinitnus Celestial Sect is incredibly powerful!
Intrigued, Kai asked, “Why did the Infinitnus Celestial Sect decide to establish the Ethereal Realm? And how did your sect come to be annihilated?”
“Young one, you talk too much. Even if I explained, you wouldn’t understand. Considering that you helped me without realizing it, I’ll reward you with a little something.”
After Wesley finished speaking, he casually tossed a documentation device to Kai.
Kai took the documentation device, noticing that it contained the legacy of the Infinitnus Celestial Sect. On the other side of the device, the words “Infinitus Token” were inscribed.
“What’s the use of this thing?” Kai asked quizzically.
This contains the legacy of the Infinitnus Celestial Sect. As you are not a disciple of our sect, this legacy is not complete. Moreover, this is an Infinitus Token. Once you ascend to the celestial realm, you can use this Infinitus Token to get the Infinitnus Celestial Sect to assist you with three tasks,” Wesley said.

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