The Mans Decree Chapter 3851

Chapter 3851 Lost Your Mind
“Does this mean the legacy is incomplete?” asked Kai.
“Of course, if I had perished, you would have received the complete legacy. But as it stands, I’m still alive and you’re not a disciple of Infinitnus Celestial Sect. How could you possibly have the complete legacy?” explained the sect leader of Infinitnus Celestial Sect.
“So what’s the point of this Infinitus Token? Infinitnus Celestial Sect has been wiped out, leaving you as the lone leader. How am I supposed to get you to carry out three tasks?” Kai was speechless.
This Infinitus Token is totally useless! It’s not even as useful as that liquified celestial energy!
“How audacious of you to say that! Now that I’ve recovered, Infinitnus Celestial Sect will definitely regain its glory. This Infinitus Token is something many people yearn for, yet you dare to say it’s useless?” exclaimed Wesley, exasperated.
Kai hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry to offend you.”
He couldn’t comprehend why all these people from the Ethereal Realm seemed to be so bad-tempered.
That Fire Spirit Lord stormed away in a huff, too, and Kai was afraid that Wesley might do the same, and he’d end up with nothing at all.
“Sir, since you said I could ask for three favors from Infinitnus Celestial Sect, can I possibly make one request now?” asked Kai.
“Why?” Wesley was taken aback.
“I’m being hunted down. Please eliminate those people from the Demon Seal Alliance who are hunting me down. Wipe them all out. This Ethereal Realm was established by your sect anyway, so you could be considered its ruler. It’ll be like a walk in the park for you to do that!” said Kai.
Kai was annoyed by the Demon Seal Alliance’s constant pestering. Now, he finally found a chance to eradicate them once and for all.
Wesley glared at Kai as if the latter was a fool. “Even though the Ethereal Realm was established by Infinitnus Celestial Sect, I, however, cannot interfere with its affairs. This is the Heavenly Law. I can’t just alter a world I created however I wanted, let alone make it vanish. I could do it if this were just a secret realm, but this is a whole world. I’m not yet capable of defying the Heavenly Law. Although you guys are as weak and insignificant as ants before me, I am, however, unable to alter your fates.”
Kai couldn’t fully understand Wesley’s words.
Looking at Kai’s expression, Wesley continued, “The master who controls the cosmos could cause countless dimensions to collapse with his sneeze alone, not to mention this tiny Ethereal Realm. However, he can’t do so. All beings must adhere to the Heavenly Law. Precisely because this Ethereal Realm was established by Infinitnus Celestial Sect, we must refrain from intervening in its affairs.
Wesley’s figure suddenly vanished into thin air after he finished speaking.
The main hall was utterly empty, and even the cushion had disappeared.
“How could you just leave like that? I still have questions!” Kai was at a loss for what to do.
“Have you lost your mind or something?” Only then did the Vermilion Demon Lord dare to speak.
“What’s wrong?” Kai was confused. Why’d he yell at me?
“The sect leader of Infinitnus Celestial Sect gave you the Infinitus Token, promising to fulfill your three requests, and you actually told him to obliterate the Demon Seal Alliance? Are you a fool? This is like a billionaire promising to do three favors for you, and you ask him to start by buying you breakfast! Are you stupid or something?” The Vermilion Demon Lord was driven to his wits’ end.
“What should I do then? I can’t deal with the Demon Seal Alliance now,” said Kai.
“Collect all my bones and remains for me. Once I’ve restored my physical body, I will help you eradicate them. You’re really using a cannon to kill a mosquito, you know? You won’t need the sect leader of Infinitnus Celestial Sect to deal with the Demon Seal Alliance! You’re humiliating him by requesting that!” Vermilion Demon Lord was utterly speechless.

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