The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6552

she said very firmly: “You Don’t worry, I will abide by the agreement. “

  Sister Sun thanked her, opened the door and got out of the car.

  In order to prevent Sister Sun from having any worries, Lin Waner drove directly out of the parking lot and towards the city after she got off the car without waiting for her to go far. The whole process was not sloppy.

  The reason why I walked so neatly was because I didn’t want people to think that I was delaying on purpose. I wanted to see which direction the other party would go after leaving the parking lot. Firstly, the other party might go in the opposite direction to confuse me. Secondly, , and it also seemed that she was not magnanimous enough.

  So Lin Waner left decisively first to show her sincerity.

  Sister Sun, and Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ), who was observing the whole parking lot in front of the surveillance camera, both saw Lin Waner’s intentions, and they felt sorry for her. A little admired.

  Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) originally planned to leave Aurous Hill today and let Sister Sun stay here to wait for 24 hours, but she didn’t expect Lin Waner to come so quickly, so she didn’t leave in a hurry. Seeing that

  Lin Waner had already left Qixia Mountain, she told those around her The young woman said: “Arrange the technical team to modify the parking lot surveillance, extract every frame of the picture, and completely erase Sister Sun from the picture. In addition, remember to modify the picture of the passenger door opening and closing twice. If someone checked today’s surveillance, they could only see Lin Wan’er’s car entering the parking lot, but she just stayed in the car alone for a moment and then left.

  The young woman nodded immediately and said, “Okay madam, I will make arrangements right now. ” An

  Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) couldn’t help but sigh: “It would be great if I had my own mature AI model. With enough computing power, AI can completely complete this kind of thing.”

  The young woman quickly said: “Our technical team has begun to develop its own AI model based on Google’s dit architecture in accordance with your requirements. I believe there will be a breakthrough in the near future. ” An

  Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) pursed his lips, shook his head slightly, and sighed: “In addition to the internal algorithm architecture of today’s AI, the hardware has also become a big trouble. In order not to attract attention, I can only use a few reliable small and medium-sized companies in Silicon Valley.” The company went to get NVIDIA chips, and then queued up little by little to wait for delivery. After saving for so long, it only managed to save more than 3,000 chips. When it looked like it would get more than 1,000 chips soon, NVIDIA postponed the delivery date for no reason. , the hardware has not been set up, and the software is even further away. It is estimated that there is still a long way to go before your own AI model can run. “

  Speaking of this, Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) sighed: “Processing this kind of image work requires manual processing, which requires cutting out frame by frame, 24 frames per second, which will be difficult to handle in a while, but if it is left to AI, As long as the computing power is enough, I believe it will only take a few seconds.”

  Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ), who has been on the Internet for many years, is familiar with today’s Internet technology. She looked at the surveillance screen and sighed: “If the AI ​​is powerful enough, I am afraid it only takes two With a delay of three seconds, the front-end image data can be processed synchronously. In that case, if Sister Sun starts talking to Lin Wan’er there at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, then from 1:00:02, the AI-processed video The coverage can be completed, and no one who comes to check will find any clues;”

  ”If it is more direct, add the AI ​​processing process between the surveillance camera, monitor and video recorder, and let the data captured by the camera be processed for two seconds. , and then transmitted to the monitoring room, then even if the security guards were sitting in the monitoring room and watching intently, they would not be able to see the whole process of Sister Sun’s appearance. Moreover, there was a delay of several seconds from the camera to the monitor itself, and they would not be able to notice it at all. It can subvert the entire surveillance system without anyone noticing…”

  The young woman also heard the feasibility of it and said quickly: “If it is as Madam said, then we can make a person completely evaporate on the data level. , or at the data level, a person is reborn. It was obviously me who set off from here to the airport, but what I saw on the surveillance camera was another person, and there was no sense of violation. This is very suitable for concealing identity. and whereabouts!”

  ”Yes!” Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) nodded: “If we had this kind of technology, I might not need to be so cautious about hiding. As long as I can erase all whereabouts at the data level, I won’t be afraid of Sara. You can discover my whereabouts.”

  As she spoke, Sister Sun ran all the way and ran in from the door.

  Seeing that she was out of breath running at such an old age, Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) couldn’t help but ask: “Sister Sun, why are you still running back? Is there any emergency?”

  Sister Sun couldn’t hide her excitement and was out of breath. Said: “Husband… Madam! Lin… Miss Lin said…”

  ”What did you say?” Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) hurriedly stood up and asked her to sit in his seat. While helping her along her back, he asked: “Sister Sun, what are you doing?” Don’t worry, what did Lin Wan’er say?”

  Sister Sun rested for a moment and said with an excited smile: “Madam… Miss Lin said… that she and the young master had deduced Meng Changsheng (Willie)’s intention, and the young master had promised not to give away 100,000 yuan. Dashan, no longer practices “Nine Mysterious Hearts”!”

  Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “Great! With charlie’s current comprehensive strength, it is difficult for Sara to directly threaten him. I am not afraid of anything. , I’m just afraid of these two things. Lin Wan’er is really smart, and it’s not difficult to deduce the logic. Now it’s better, I can relax and have a good sleep!”

  Sister Sun said quickly: “Madam, it’s okay. There’s good news! Great news!”

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