Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 829 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 829

“I don’t want to lose Seren, Liberty. I don’t want to divorce.”

Zachary spoke first.

“I know I deceived Seren by hiding my identity. Seren is different from the rest. She won’t be particularly happy just because I’m rich. I let her down, so she can get angry. She can scold me and hit me, but she can’t leave me. She can’t divorce me!”

When Zachary finished, Liberty said to him, “Do you think you’ll never see Seren again if you let her walk out of this villa?”

He stayed silent. He was afraid. He was truly terrified that he would never see Serenity again if she left the villa.

“Zachary, Serenity is my sister. We’ve depended on each other for many years, and no one knows her better than I do. She’s not the kind of person who retreats and runs away when things go wrong. No matter how angry and upset she gets, even if she asks you for a divorce, she won’t run away.

“Running away isn’t going to solve the problem.

“No matter how bad the situation is, you have to face reality.

“Let her come back with me and stay at my place for a few days to calm down. Even if you continue to force her to stay, once she makes a decision, the ending will be the same.”

Zachary was silent.

“Zachary, I never thought you were overbearing and paranoid in the past, but this incident opened my eyes to your true nature. You have to think. Is Serenity willing to bear with your domineeringness? When you grasp a handful of sand in your hands, the tighter you grip, the faster the sand leaks.

“It’s the same thing. The more domineering you are, the more Serenity will want to leave you. The little feelings you’ve cultivated can’t withstand the strain you’re putting them through. If you exhaust the bit of affection that Seren has for you, then you’ll truly have no way of fixing things anymore.

“Do you want a Serenity full of life, or do you want a soulless Serenity who’s a walking corpse? Being overbearing and confining her isn’t the solution.”

Liberty sighed again after she finished speaking. “Think about what I said. Go back to the house and get some ice for your face. Seren went a little too hard. Half of your face is swollen.”

The silent Zachary finally spoke up and said, “I’m fine as long as her hand doesn’t hurt.”

Liberty was speechless.

“Zachary, you need to realize what the real meaning of love is.”

Then, she went back inside.

Zachary did not follow her and simply stood in place. His handsome face was taut like marble, cold and hard.

His thin lips pursed into a tight line.

His sister–in–law and Jasmine both persuaded him to let Serenity leave and take a breather.

They said she was not the kind of person who would run off when things go wrong.

However, he did not dare risk it!

Serenity sent her sister off.

When she saw Zachary standing there, she simply glanced at him.

Brandt and the rest, and even the hidden group of bodyguards showed their faces when Serenity came out.

She knew it was because they were afraid she would leave with her sister.

There was no way she could leave without Zachary’s permission.

Serenity did not try to go with her sister. She stood in the parking lot and watched Liberty get into the car. She listened to her sister’s exhortations and comforted the latter, telling her not to worry about her.

Liberty knew Zachary would not harm Serenity, but…

“Seren, I’ll come again tomorrow.” Liberty said to her sister while starting the car.

Serenity hummed and waved at Liberty. She watched her sister drive away until it was out of sight.

The night was gloomy, the cold wind was bitterly sharp, and the temperature plummeted. It was mirroring Serenity’s mood at the moment.

She turned around and walked back, but instead of entering the house, she wandered aimlessly around the courtyard while Zachary followed her from afar. There was no communication between the couple the entire time.

It was as if the space between them was frozen. It was cold and icy.

“I want Mommy, I want Mommy…”

At Liberty’s place, Sonny woke up and only saw Duncan with his mother nowhere in sight. His lips wobbled as he burst into tears.

Duncan tried to carry him.


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