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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 834

Jessica was aware that Hank attended a social function, so he must have drunk a lot of alcohol. She called to remind him to drive carefully on the road, but she did not remind him not to drive after he had alcohol.

Hank grew upset when comparing Jessica with Liberty.

All he could do was delude himself. ‘Jessica is still young, so she doesn’t know how to be concerned about others. She’ll gradually get better at this.‘

Hank fixed his eyes on Liberty’s rented apartment for a long time before he drove away. He even deliberately went to a florist’s shop to buy a bouquet of flowers and brought it home.

He returned to his rented apartment and opened the door, only to see his mother seated on the couch with a furious look. His father and Jessica were nowhere to be seen in the living room.

Chelsea’s family had returned to their hometown after the kids‘ school reopened.

However, both Chelsea and his brother–in–law lost their jobs. They requested Hank to look for jobs for them.

At this point, Hank could not even fend for himself, much less help them find jobs. His sister would grumble that he had become unlucky ever since he got together with Jessica. She claimed that Jessica was a troublemaker; whoever was with her would be unlucky.

Chelsea then began to speak well of Liberty. Although Liberty was plump and ugly, she was able to bring good luck to her husband. Ever since she married Hank, his career thrived, and he had been doing well. This explained why he could accumulate so much wealth.

When Chelsea was complaining to him, her voice was loud. She was not at all worried that Jessica could overhear it. Of course, Jessica was exasperated. After having a row with Hank’s sister, Jessica kicked his sister’s family out.

If Chelsea insisted on staying, Jessica would want her to pay for rent and food. Jessica wanted Chelsea’s family to go Dutch, which angered the latter.

Hank recalled the night when Chelsea and Jessica had a bitter row. He tried his level best to coax his sister and gave her a sum of money. Only then did she bring her husband and children back to her hometown. Also, the kids needed to go to school.

He had to coax Jessica and continued to discuss the issue of family support.

The Yateses refused to reduce the amount they were asking for living expenses. They claimed that if they did not receive the amount requested, they would not allow Hank and Jessica to get married.

As Jessica loved Hank, she secretly married him today.

At this thought, Hank’s expression became much gentler. After all, Jessica loved him and was not eyeing his money. Despite not having received living expenses for her family, she was willing to marry him.


Hank walked up to his mother with the bouquet of flowers he bought in his arms.

“Why are you angry? Where’s Jessica?”

When Olivia saw her son returning with a bouquet of flowers in his arms, she knew it was for Jessica even without asking him. Her face darkened. She stood up abruptly and snatched the bouquet. She then threw it onto the floor and lifted her leg to stomp on it.

“Mom, Mom, I paid for the flowers.”

Hank promptly tried to save the flowers, but it was too late.

The flowers withered after his mother stomped on them.

“Hank, you take pity on the flowers instead of me, huh? I haven’t even eaten. After your wife came back, she has been playing with her phone in the room. I’ve asked her a few times to cook, but she’s still inside. Is she planning to starve me?”

Hank glanced at the time and said with a frown, “Mom, don’t you know how to cook? When you were in Chelsea’s house, you helped her family to prepare their meals every day. You’re not that old. You’re only in your fifties now. Those people in our hometown are still farming despite being in their late fifties.

“Jessica has eaten in the office before coming home.”

His words made Olivia…

It felt that her son had forgotten about her once he married his wife.

Anyhow, Liberty was better. When Liberty was Olivia’s daughter–in–law, she would buy many dishes that Olivia loved every time she came over. Liberty would cook, and Olivia did not need to do anything.

After Liberty was done preparing the dishes, she would ask Olivia to eat. When Olivia was in a bad mood, she would be picky about the dishes and harp on how awful Liberty’s cooking was.

Now, Jessica would eat in the office before returning home. Did she not know that she should cook for her mother–in–law?


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