Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 836 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 836

“Mom, you’d better not go to Liberty and pour out your feelings. Don’t wash our dirty linen in public. You’re already so old, yet you’re under the impression that Liberty will take pity on you if you vent to her. All she’ll do is gloat over it.”

Hank expressed all his dissatisfaction in one go.

His words made Olivia grimace, and she was at a loss for words.

“Mom, think about it.”

With that, Hank turned around and walked away.

“Where are you going?”

Seeing that her son was about to go out, Olivia asked him.

“You stomped on the flowers that I planned to give to my wife. I’m going out to buy a new bouquet of flowers.”

Olivia was speechless.

Hank left without looking back. He went out to buy Jessica another bouquet of flowers.

When he returned, he saw his mother weeping on the couch. Distressed, he ignored his mother. He entered his room with the new bouquet of flowers.

Jessica was watching a video using her phone on the bed. She would chortle from time to time.

At the sight of the flowers in his arms, Jessica put down her phone. She jumped off the bed and walked toward Hank barefoot.

“Darling, you’re back.”

When Hank told Olivia off in the living room just now, Jessica actually heard everything from her room.

Jessica was pleased that her husband took her side.

“Darling, this bouquet of flowers is for you. Today is our wedding day.”

He even took out a Tiffany box and opened it. Then, he lifted a gold ring. “This is for you.”

After Jessica received the flowers, she stretched out her hand to have Hank put on the gold ring for her. She said coquettishly, “We need to renovate our wedding room, so let’s be frugal. As for my parents… we’ll pay for our wedding and family support. A simple one will do.”

If Hank paid her parents family support worth 60,000 dollars, Jessica would not get anything. It would only benefit her two brothers. Why should they be eligible for it?

Jessica’s mindset changed swiftly.

Before she married Hank, she persuaded Hank to promise her parents the amount they requested.

Now that she was married to Hank, she felt that she deserved everything that

belonged to him. She could not bear to give so much money to her parents to help her brothers.

Anyhow, she was already married to Hank. There was no way her parents could threaten her.

Jessica refused to help her brothers. Now that she had been married off, she wanted to live a good life first. If she was wealthy enough, she would occasionally lend a hand to her family if they were in trouble. Having said that, it would be impossible for her to use up all her money here just to help her family out.


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