Married at First Sight Chapter 1603

Married at First Sight Chapter 1603–Meanwhile, at York Corporation, Zachary had already stopped working.

He knew Serenity would come to pick him up from work, so he went downstairs early to wait at the building’s entrance.

When he went downstairs, it was time when people got off work too. The employees greeted him respectfully when they saw him.

Upon seeing him standing at the entrance, several senior managers thought something had happened. They stopped and asked him, “Mr. York, is something wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m waiting for Seren. You can get off work or go to your appointments. Go on.”

Everyone was speechless.

No wonder Mr. York came downstairs so early.

It turned out that Mrs. York was coming.

Seren only came after stopping by Spring Blossoms to get flowers. She got stuck in the jam as it was rush hour on her way there.

When she reached York Corporation, most employees had already left the company.

Upon driving her car into the building, the tall, handsome figure appeared within her sight.

There was still some distance between the husband and wife.

Zachary was standing alone at the entrance. He did not let bodyguards follow him, but Serenity still recognized her man at first glance.

He was eye-catching no matter where he was.

Tall, good-looking, and impressive.

Usually, Serenity would park her car in the parking lot whenever she came to York Corporation.

Now that people had gotten off work, she stopped her car in front of the building’s entrance.

A smile appeared on Zachary’s handsome face when he saw his beloved wife’s car. He walked over even before Serenity got out of the car.

Serenity remained in the car when she saw him approaching.

She unlocked the doors and let Zachary hop in.

Zachary saw a bouquet of fresh roses lying on the passenger seat. He picked it up and sat down. With a smile on his face, he said, “Is this bouquet for me?”

“If I were to say it was for another man, would you bring a team of people along to snatch it back?”

Zachary said bossily, “Of course. The roses my wife bought can only be given to me. Don’t you dare give them to another man.”

Serenity grinned and said, “I don’t have other men.”

Zachary stretched his hand to pinch her face lightly. “Having me is enough. Why did you just arrive? If you had come earlier to give me the flowers, I could’ve gotten off work with the flowers in my arms. The entire company would’ve seen it.”

“We’ve been husband and wife for so long. Why should we show off?”

Serenity started driving as she spoke.

The bodyguards saw their boss getting into Mrs. York’s car. They proceeded to get into their car and followed the couple.

“I want to show off. It’s something that’s worth showing off.”

Serenity said, “Traffic was pretty heavy, so I was late.”

“You can come earlier next time.”

“If I do that, it’ll affect your work.”

Zachary pressed his lips together. He wanted to say that her presence would not affect his work at all. On the contrary, he would be more motivated with her there.

“Have you seen Callum?” Zachary suddenly asked. “That boy snuck out early. Don’t think I’m not aware of it.”

“You used to sneak off often too. He’s your brother. So what if he sneaks out? You can be more tolerant.”

After a moment of silence, he said, “They’re all so clever to have curried favor with you. You’ll always back them up, especially Rowan. When he first met you, he kept calling you his sister-in-law. He had such a sweet mouth.”


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