Married at First Sight Chapter 1605

Married at First Sight Chapter 1605–Grandma May had mentioned that even though Elisa had a similar social status to Zachary, she was not suitable to be the wife of the York family’s head.

“Let’s eat at a hotel. You still have a business engagement. We don’t have to travel a long distance back. home.”

“It’s up to you.

Serenity smiled.

Although her relationship with Zachary was not dramatic, he started respecting her and prioritizing her wishes more. Their days were ordinary yet fulfilling and sweet.

Zachary often said he still wanted to be with her in another life.

Serenity got greedy too. She also thought of marrying him and being husband and wife again in their next lifetime.

While in the Lewis family’s house, Mrs. Lewis put down her phone with a grim expression.

Although Mr. Lewis sat opposite her and was holding a newspaper, he had been paying attention to his wife’s expression.

He heard the conversation between his wife and their youngest son too.

“What happened again? You look awful. You’ve been this way a lot lately. You’re angry and in a bad mood every day. You’re starting to look older. Don’t be angry anymore. I’ll accompany you to get a facial done tomorrow to maintain your skin.”

Mrs. Lewis glared at her useless husband. She said furiously, “I’m a senior citizen. If I look old, then so be it. With such a disobedient son, it’s no wonder I’ll get older from getting angry. You only read the newspaper all the time and never thought of scolding your son.

“Duncan became this spoiled because of you!”

Her son was not listening to her. Mrs. Lewis pushed all the blame on her husband.

Mr. Lewis smiled. “Yes, yes. I was the one who spoiled him. He learned all the bad things from me and inherited all your good qualities. Duncan is my mom’s favorite grandson. It was her who spoiled him, yet you’re blaming me.

“There’s a saying that sons don’t listen to their mothers after they grow up. Your son is almost forty. Why are you still controlling him? Besides, even if you wanted to meddle in his affairs, would he let you?

“Aren’t you asking for hardships if you insist on meddling in his affairs despite him not allowing you to do it? It’s not like you haven’t experienced being a mother-in-law. You already have three daughters-in-law and many grandchildren. Why are you still so anxious?

“You can lead a horse to water, but can you make it drink? Duncan doesn’t like Lily. There’s no use in forcing or urging him.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “Lily had already explained everything to me. She won’t pursue Duncan anymore. She said Duncan had no feelings for her, and she didn’t want to waste time. When she came to Wiltspoon this time, she went to the airport immediately after her business was done. She didn’t even visit our house

“Lily’s such a nice girl. Your son is openly blind. He doesn’t like Lily but prefers a divorced woman with a child instead.”

Mrs. Lewis was mad.

However, she could not vent her anger on Liberty.

She wanted to target someone, but there was no one for her to target. The anger accumulated in her heart made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Duncan doesn’t like Lily, so I arranged a blind date for him and told him to meet the lady tonight and have a meal together. He didn’t even listen and kept himself busy. To hell with being busy. Why wasn’t he busy when he went to All You Can Eat? Does he think I’m not aware of it?”

Mrs. Lewis did not bother Liberty, but she knew her son would go to All You Can Eat every day.

Her son would always show up in places where Liberty was present very quickly.

It was not a chance meeting but a forced encounter created by the disobedient Duncan after keeping an eye on Liberty.

“He already has someone he likes. What use is there in you arranging a blind date for him? Back when he didn’t have anybody he liked, he didn’t even listen to you when you set him up with blind dates.”

Mr. Lewis advised his wife, “Our children will do fine on their own. You can stop meddling in Duncan’s matters.”

“Derek Lewis, are you happy that your son likes a divorced woman?”


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