Married at First Sight Chapter 1607

Married at First Sight Chapter 1607–Worried that his wife would screw things up, Derek had no choice but to meet Liberty with his wife since he could not stop her.

In order to continue talking his wife out of meeting Liberty, Derek asked his chauffeur to drive.

The couple was seated in the back. Along the journey, Derek kept advising his wife.

He said, “If Duncan finds out that you go and meet Liberty, he’ll surely have a row with you. This will affect your relationship with him.

“If Serenity finds out, it means Zachary will too. You know full well how much he protects and pampers his wife. Liberty is his sister-in-law. Forcing Liberty to leave Wiltspoon will stir up a hornet’s nest and greatly damage the relationship between the Lewises and the Yorks.”

Mrs. Lewis tilted her head and glared at her husband before she said, “I’m just going to have a talk with Liberty. I’m not forcing her to leave Wiltspoon either. Why are you nagging at me non-stop? You’re annoying.

“The Lewises and the Yorks are family friends. So what if the Yorks find out that I meet Liberty? I’m not going to beat or scold her. All I’m going to do is have a talk with her. The Yorks might be able to accept a daughter-in-law with a humble background and both parents dead, but I can’t.

“Not everyone can act like the Yorks. I believe most women from the upper class in Wiltspoon hope their daughters-in-law are well-matched to their sons.

“Couples have always been equally matched since ancient times. I’m not against Liberty in particular. However, it’ll be hard for a marriage to last long if a couple isn’t well-matched. I’m doing this for their own good so as to avoid things from looking bad when they end up in divorce in the future.”

Derek was speechless.

He knew that what his wife said made sense.

“It’s okay to have a talk with Liberty, but don’t talk to her in a domineering tone and aggrieve her.”

Mrs. Lewis said huffily, “With the Stones and the Yorks backing her, how would I have the audacity to be domineering and cause her grievance? I’m the one feeling aggrieved instead. Despite being your wife, I need to lower myself to beg Liberty to stay away from our son.”

Derek was not in a position to respond to that.

Liberty was unaware that Mr. and Mrs. Lewis were coming to meet her. After Liberty had dinner with Sonny, Sonny wanted to shop around, and she agreed.

Just for convenience, she took her son out by riding an e-bike.

In fact, Sonny wanted to shop at a mall. The mall had a few floors. Located on the third floor was a playground for kids. A lot of kids enjoyed playing there.

Liberty had taken Sonny there twice, and he took a liking to it.

After arriving at the supermarket, Liberty and Sonny ran into Hank and Jessica.

As Jessica was pregnant, she was released on bail to take care of her baby after Hank and the lawyer applied for it.


Sonny was always happy whenever he saw Hank.

That was exactly why the father and the son had a close relationship. As a result, Serenity and her husband could not be ruthless to the Browns as they often had to think for Sonny.


Hank did not expect to meet his ex-wife and son here.

When Sonny ran toward him merrily, Hank glanced at Jessica before he walked forward and carried his son with a smile.

Initially, Jessica was wearing a smile. At the sight of the close interaction between the father and son, her smile disappeared.

She was currently pregnant with Hank’s child whom she had always been eager to have.

Unfortunately, the child came late. If the child had come earlier, she definitely would not have agreed to be involved in the wrongful act that ruined her life as well as her child’s. She would have done good deeds for her child’s sake.

Even though Jessica was out of jail for now, she would need to serve her sentence after she gave birth to her baby.

For a long period of time, she would be unable to watch her child grow.

The child would lack motherly love.

Besides, the fact that she committed a crime would have a huge impact on the child.

Jessica deeply regretted it.

It was no use lamenting it now. Back then, she did not reject Hank outright. She had set her mind on becoming Hank’s wife to live in the lap of luxury. Little did she know that it was the start of tragedy.

She might as well have married an ordinary man. At least, she would be able to lead a plain yet happy life.

Liberty did not walk toward Hank and Sonny. Standing from a distance, she silently took a glimpse of the two of them before turning her eyes to Jessica.

Jessica walked up to Hank shortly.


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