Married at First Sight Chapter 1935 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1935 by desirenovel-Julian felt that his father had gone crazy, and always ignored him, but as long as he took a second look, he had to try it out.

Naturally, the girl was sent back to her parents, and this matter was well concealed, and few people outside knew about it.

Elisa and others would hear about it, but they heard it from Jasmine.

So, Patriarch Bucham’s madness made Elisa’s scalp tingle.

Elisa was in her late twenties and unmarried. If Patriarch Bucham knew that Julian sent her flowers and went to the airport to pick her up, he might come over tonight to propose marriage.

Elisa sent a message to Serenity, asking when Serenity would come back.

Serenity called her back. “Elisa, you are back from a business trip.”

“I just came back today, when will you and Grandma May come back? And Sonny, I miss him. Is Sonny by your side?”

Elisa really likes Sonny.

Every time she hears Sonny’s milky voice call her Auntie Elisa, she could melt into a puddle of spring water.

Serenity smiled and said: “He’s playing outside. I’m in the house, when he comes back, I’ll let him make a video call with you. Is the business deal done?”

Originally, she was on a business trip to discuss business, but she was caught by her grandma. After lobbying, she ran away with grandma.

Coincidentally, Elisa was so fed up with her mother’s arrangement of her and Andrew, so she went to discuss business alone, and avoided it in the name of a business trip, and spent a few days with quiet ears.

“Who is Sonny playing with? He had such a good time. School will start soon. Let him calm down. He doesn’t go to kindergarten at that time. He cries every day that he doesn’t want to go to kindergarten.” Elisa joked, her mother said she was like that when she was a child.

Because she was wild and didn’t want to go to kindergarten, she was woken up every morning to go to kindergarten. The whole family mobilized and took turns to get her out of bed.

Elisa herself had no memory of it.

However, her parents and two older brothers would occasionally come out and laugh at her.

She could imagine that scene.

Serenity: “Jane’s adopted son, Titus, is about the same age as Sonny, and the two play like crazy every day, having fun.”

Elisa laughed and said, “No wonder, Sonny usually plays alone, so it’s rare that there is one kid of the same age must have a good time. The business matters have been negotiated, and I have signed the contract and brought them back. We have a few more customers and the expanded vegetable market, so we don’t have to worry about sales. How old are Jane’s two children; aren’t they cute?”

Serenity: “It’s been more than two months, they’re so cute, grandma saw Avah, and wished she could steal her and raise her at home.”

Elisa laughed haha, “Grandma May is looking forward to a great-granddaughter, seeing Remy’s niece, I can imagine how much Grandma May likes Avah.”

Elisa had also seen Jane’s pair of twins.

Remy took her back to FC Manor, and Johnson’s family now had several babies, all of them very cute.

Every time he mentioned his nieces and children, Remy was all smiles. It could be seen that he liked children very much.

“We’ll go back in two days.” Serenity smiled, “After we go back, let’s have dinner together and talk again.”

“Okay.” Elisa readily responded.

“Are you driving now?” Serenity asked after hearing the horn.

Elisa said: “Going out for dinner, Remy and I were together. When we got home, we had no food and were driven out by my mother.”

Serenity smiled, “That’s not right, you two can be romantic. I won’t bother you anymore, let’s talk later.”


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