Married at First Sight Chapter 1937 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1937 by desirenovel-When Jane went to see her son, Grandma May said to Jane: “Jane, your daughter is really well-behaved. Whether she is awake or asleep, she is very well-behaved.”

Jane picked up her crying son, and after hearing what Grandma May said, she smiled and said, “Grandma, you’ve been hugging Avah all day, how could she cry! She’s a baby who doesn’t like to cry.”

She dared to say that her daughter’s temper was definitely like Ben’s.

Grandma May smiled, “Seren and I are going back to Wiltspoon soon, and when we go back, we don’t know when we will see Avah, so I have to hug her for a whole day and enjoy it.”

At her old age, she probably won’t come to FC Manor again.

Unless Jane and his husband brought their two babies with them when they went to Wiltspoon in the future, there would be no chance for Grandma May to see the two lovely children again.

Jane: “Grandma, if I go to Wiltspoon in the future, I will take my brother and sister to visit you.”

The person Remy liked was Elisa. When the two became husband and wife, Jane and her husband would definitely go to Wiltspoon often. She could also chat with Serenity and others. She thought it was not difficult to take children to visit Grandma May, and she could do it too.

Grandma May smiled and said: “If you go there with your two children, call me in advance.”

Jane nodded.

Serenity watched them talking with a smile, but deep down she couldn’t help but sigh again.

Seeing that Grandma liked Avah so much, Serenity really wanted to get pregnant and have a daughter, so grandma wouldn’t have to envy the Johnson family for having a great-granddaughter.

However, she had not moved yet, and not to mention giving birth to a daughter, she was not even pregnant. She let it go.


In the afternoon, Kevin did not appear in front of Hayden again, allowing her to spend a quiet afternoon.

Although her and Kevin’s names were already on Jensburg’s hot search list, many people they knew called her secretary to verify the matter.

As long as it didn’t hit Hayden’s phone, it wouldn’t affect her, so she pretended not to know.

After a busy afternoon, it was evening in a blink of an eye.

Hayden was going to the dinner party tonight, and she asked her brother to go with her.

She was quarreled with by Kevin twice, and she would attend the dinner tonight. It is estimated that many people would ask her to verify her relationship with Kevin.

She asked Hugh for help. She hoped that Kevin would not show up at the dinner party.

Hayden checked the time and decided to leave work early and go home.

Every time she attended a banquet, she would have something to eat at home before going out. At the banquet, she would drink at most two glasses of wine, usually, she would not eat, just drink, and she drank what she brought from home was her famous wine.

It was safety for her.

There might not be anyone who poisoned her. But there were too many women who drug her and want to have a meal with her.

Hayden did this mainly to guard against those admirers.

In the high society circle of Jensburg, everyone knew her habits.

Going out after eating at home, and taking wine from her own home, those admirers tried to plot against her, but they couldn’t start.

Otherwise, with her status, good looks and good temperature, she would have been stripped of her body long ago.

Putting down the signature pen, Hayden picked up the mobile phone on the table, got up, and called her brother while walking around the desk.

Hugh quickly answered the call.

Hayden: “Where are you?”

Hugh: “I go to work honestly in the afternoon, of course in the company.”


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