Married at First Sight Chapter 1938 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1938 by desirenovel-After Hayden pursued her lips, she said, “Follow me to the dinner tonight.”

“Okay.” Hugh didn’t reject his sister, he asked, “Brother, are you going home from get off work now?”

Hayden: “Um.”

Hugh: “Then I’m off work too, and I’ll go back to have dinner with my brother.”

The siblings usually lived in their own houses, did not live together, and occasionally went back to the old house together.

Many times, Hugh would go to his sister’s house to grab a meal. The sister’s mouth was picky, and the chef she hired was very delicious.

Hayden didn’t say anything, and hung up the phone.

After walking out of the office, Hayden asked the secretary: “Mr. York isn’t guarding the company gate, is he?”

Although the York Corporation had several hotels in Jensburg, they were managed by Kevin. Since the hotel was operating normally, Kevin, the general manager, actually had nothing important to deal with.

That way, he would have more time.

Hayden was different, she was the head president of the Queen Enterprise, she was very busy every day and had no free time.

Thinking of Kevin’s r*scally handsome face, Hayden felt a little apprehensive, fearing that he would put up a large sea of ​​flowers at the entrance of the company again and publicly say that he wanted to pursue her.

In the morning, the media reporters did not take photos of the sea of ​​flowers that he put down, but because many people saw it at that time, those people took pictures and sent them to Moments, and then they were circulated by others.

The report on the hot search now had the enlarged picture.

It was so red, it made her furious.

When media reported her and Kevin’s gossip news extensively, Hayden did not stop it. She knew that she could not stop media from reporting, because Kevin would continue to make troubles.

Since she couldn’t hide it, and she couldn’t hold it steady, why bother to do it and waste time.

Anyway, she had a thick skin and was not afraid of excessive attention from others.

“No.” The secretary replied respectfully, “I told the security department that as soon as Mr. York comes, he will notify me immediately.”

Hayden: “He didn’t show up this afternoon?”

The secretary shook his head, “No.”

Only then did Hayden feel relieved.

She took the elevator down to the first floor, where Hugh and her bodyguards were waiting for her.

“Brother.” Hugh smiled and called her.

The bodyguard group called out respectfully: “Master.”

Hayden nodded slightly, and walked out of the office building with his younger brother.

“Mr. Queen.”

All the way out, there were staff members saying hello to the siblings.

Hayden’s face was full of prestige, she nodded slightly. Hugh just smiled, no matter who greeted him, he waved to each other, and sometimes stopped to chat for a few words.

Everyone in Queen Enterprise said that the second young master Hugh was more approachable than elder young master Hayden.

Hugh’s popularity in the company was very good.

After the group went out, the two receptionists couldn’t help but sighed again, and one receptionist said regretfully, “Mr. Queen, she’s so handsome, but she’s a gay. No wonder there are so many admirers, and no one can catch up to her alone.”

It turned out that Hayden always liked men.

Her colleague immediately reminded to that receptionist: “Keep your voice down. Let Mr. Queen hear, and you can go home and eat your own. Who said that Mr. Queen is always gay and Mr. York is gay? Mr. York likes our Mr. Queen and openly pursues our Mr. Queen.”

“That’s right, Mr. York is’s a pity that He’s also very good-looking.”

It’s really a pity that good-looking men were gay, for their women.


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