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Married at First Sight Chapter 2533-Mr. Fraser came here just to take Kathryn for a ride, and he didn’t ask Kathryn where she wanted to go.

He followed the road wherever he found it.

After Kathryn finished the cup of ice cream, she said, “My dad arranged for me to be a pervert. I met a man named Leo at the elevator entrance. He stopped me and wanted to do something to me. Using the moves you taught me, I knocked him down and kicked him hard. I don’t think he will dare to challenge me again in the future.”

Mr. Fraser was both civilized and martial and had great skills.

Although Kathryn was good at fighting, she had practiced fighting too many times and had not really learned any boxing or kicking skills.

Her adoptive parents didn’t treat her well, so why were they willing to spend money to let her learn boxing and martial arts?

After Mr. Fraser came to her side, he found that she was very responsive and strong, so he gave her a few pointers, and she was able to unexpectedly throw Leo over her shoulder and seize the opportunity to beat Leo.

Mr. Fraser’s eyes darkened, and he said coldly, “Miss, you should have told me earlier, and I will take off his hand! Mr. Janzen has gone too far!”

Holden had no status in the Farrell family, but he couldn’t erase the fact that he was Kathryn’s biological father.

Mr. Fraser: “Miss, do you need me to settle the score with Mr. Janzen?”

In Mr. Fraser’s eyes, there was only Kathryn, and even Matriarch Farrell could no longer influence him.

Not to mention Holden, a person with little power in the Farrell family.

Kathryn said calmly, “You don’t need to go find him. I can handle it myself. My mom will be back in two days. Help me find a woman with a hot body but an angelic face. She must be very coquettish and free-spirited. That kind of person, preferably someone who hangs out in romantic places and has a backer, I want to give him a big gift through my dad.”

If her biological father dared to scheme against her and harm her, she would treat him the same way as he did.

Find a woman with a financial backer so that when her mother came back, she could only vent her anger on her father and couldn’t move the chess piece in her hand.

Her biological father had no feelings for her, his biological daughter, and similarly, she had no father-daughter feelings for her biological father.

Originally, Kathryn didn’t care that her real father had a strong preference for Shiloh, his fake daughter. They could live in peace without any offense.

No matter whether her father loved her or not, as long as he didn’t cheat her, she, as a daughter, would still fulfill her responsibilities as a child. When her father got old, she would support him.

But her father wanted to plot against her and took the initiative to provoke her, so she wouldn’t be polite.

When she was still in her adoptive parents’ home, her adoptive mother and brothers treated her badly. They also wanted to marry her off to a rich old man a long time ago so that they could collect high-betrothal gifts. She was not the biological daughter of that family, so they would do that to her.

But her own biological father also treated her like this, and Kathryn felt cold even when she was angry.

Wouldn’t it be his daughter if she didn’t grow up by his side?

Just as a daughter, Holden also cheated her like this.

Kathryn was deeply aware that the Farrell family mansion was already in a mess. When her mom stepped back, she would quickly cut through the mess and clean it up.

Her mother had told her that as the head of the family, the interests of the family and the company came first, and personal feelings came last.

Whether it’s family or love,

Since her mother said so, why was she being polite?

Mr. Fraser understood what Kathryn meant. There was a smile in his eyes, and he said, “Okay, I will help you find a good candidate tomorrow. Do you want to arrange the rest yourself, or should I do it?”

Kathryn: “I’ll do it. I can’t do everything. I asked you to do it, Mr. Fraser; you are too capable and will make me, the master, very useless.”


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