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Married at First Sight Chapter 2534-Mr. Fraser smiled: “I exist just for you, miss.”

He admired Kathryn’s character very much.

Although he seemed weak, he was more ruthless than anyone else, but he also had a clear outlook on life and clear grievances.

“Matriarch Farrell failed to show off her talents in Wiltspoon.” Mr. Fraser said.

Kathryn sneered twice, “Does she think Wiltspoon is Jensburg? Even in Jensburg, she can’t do whatever she wants. Not only compared with the wealthy families in Wiltspoon, even our Queen family in Jensburg can’t compare.”

The Jensburg was no longer Jensburg; it was when Matriarch Farrell came to power.

The Farrell family was not the same Farrell family as before.

Kathryn felt that her mom was ruthless enough, but she was still a little behind when it came to taking care of business.

The Farrell Group was clearly in decline, but her mom was helpless.

The company’s internal management was also unsatisfactory.

It may be that her mom is old and lacks energy, or it may be that her brothers all work in the company and form cliques, dividing the power of the company internally. However, her mom still cherishes the love between mother and son. She did not punish her sons harshly.

Matriarch Farrell could kill her eldest sister, who brought her up, and she could do the same to her younger sister. However, she softened her heart when it came to the flesh and blood she had given birth to after ten months of pregnancy.

Kathryn said, “Serenity is pregnant. I can’t go there in person. Please prepare a generous gift for me and send it to her at Wildridge Manor.”

Kathryn and Audrey were of the same generation.

Serenity was her niece. She didn’t need a cousin’s name. It would be more intimate to say she was a niece.

When Liberty’s All You Can Eat restaurant opened, she asked Mr. Fraser to go to Jensburg in person and send him a congratulatory gift.

Serenity was pregnant, so she, as a cousin, naturally had to show some expression.

Mr. Fraser: “Okay.”

Kathryn turned her head and looked out the car window, suddenly realizing that they had left the bustling city center.

Kathryn asked, “Where are we going?”

Mr. Fraser replied, “I don’t know where to go. I’ll just go if there’s a road. I’m taking you for a ride to relax. It doesn’t matter where I go.”

Kathryn pressed down half of the car window. The wind immediately rushed in. After looking at it, she said, “I don’t think I have ever walked this road, so let’s drive without changing the route. I’ll see where the end of this road is.”


Soon, Kathryn pressed the car window and said, “November in Jensburg is already cold, and November in Wiltspoon belongs to autumn. If it is the eleventh month of the lunar calendar, then Wiltspoon will be a bit cold, but even in winter, it’s not too cold over there. The lowest temperature during the day is over ten degrees, and our winter can drop to below zero.” Kathryn suddenly said, “I really want to go skiing in the northernmost part of the country in the winter.”

Mr. Fraser: “Miss, if you want to go, you can go this year. I will accompany you. I can ski and can teach you.”

Kathryn turned her head to look at Mr. Fraser, her eyes full of admiration, and asked him, “Mr. Fraser, what else can you do?”

Mr. Fraser smiled: “Miss, you should ask me what I can’t do. I know too many things, but I don’t know what I can’t do. It seems that there is nothing I can’t do.”

Kathryn: “There is one thing you can’t do. No matter how good you are, you can’t do it.”

Mr. Fraser: “What’s the matter?”

Kathryn’s words stirred Mr. Fraser, who made the decision that he would learn it and succeed no matter how much effort he had to put forth. Let Miss Kathryn take it lightly.


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