Married at First Sight Chapter 2535 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2535-“Will you get pregnant and have a baby?” Kathryn asked him playfully.

Mr. Fraser: “I really don’t know how to do this.”

Kathryn laughed.

Mr. Fraser also smiled, but his ears were quietly dyed red.

At the same time, the Farrell family mansion.

Shiloh asked her father nervously, “Dad, is the one named Leo Giguere useful? I think it is more than enough to deal with Kathryn.”

“Mr. Fraser is not with Kathryn, so don’t worry.” Holden was full of confidence. “Your mother is coming back soon. As long as Leo gets it done, you can arrange Kathryn’s marriage when your mother comes back. If she marries a useless man, she will be inferior to you. You have to be more upbeat and try to get married to Mr. Queen as soon as possible.”

“Dad, it’s useless; no matter how hard I try, I can’t take down Hayden. With Kevin here, I have no chance at all. My mother has repeatedly warned me not to provoke Kevin again. We can’t afford to offend the York family.” Shiloh pouted and said, “I have to change my pursuit.”

But there were so many young talents in Jensburg, and she fell in love with Hayden, thinking that only Hayden was worthy of her.

Holden thought for a while and said, “That’s the case too. Kevin is too difficult to deal with, and Hayden is not easy to get close to. Do you have a new target?”

Shiloh: “I haven’t picked one yet. I want to pick someone who won’t lose, but among several wealthy families, their younger generation is either married, too young, or the second generation ancestor has no ability and cannot meet my requirements.”

Holden comforted: “Select slowly. Don’t worry; you must find something you like. You complained to your mother; what did your mother say?”

Mentioning this matter, Shiloh said unhappily, “Dad, I find that my mother loves me on the surface, but in fact she is biased towards Kathryn. I know I am not your biological daughter; it is normal for you to be biased towards your own biological daughter.

If mom doesn’t like me anymore, you can let me leave the Farrell family.

Kathryn froze my bank card. My mom actually asked me to spend my own personal savings. Dad, you often borrow money from me to spend it. I can’t afford to pay it back, and my savings are getting smaller and smaller. I bought too many things today, and I spent millions all at once. I usually use the credit card given by my mother to spend money.”

Shiloh didn’t feel bad about the money.

When she spends her savings, it’s like cutting off the flesh on her body.

She felt so bad for her.

“What did you buy that cost millions at once?” Holden felt distressed.

If his daughter spent less money, he could borrow more and spend it again.

Shiloh: “I just bought clothes, jewelry, and bags. They were all brand-name goods. They easily cost several million. My friends were all there at the time. I was too embarrassed to say no, so I had to take out my bank card; it costs my own savings.”

Holden said to her, “You know, there are so many luxuries; just buy less.”

Shiloh: “I didn’t know Kathryn dared to freeze my bank card. She is my nemesis; after she came back, everything went wrong for me, and I was forced to leave the company. The profits of my own business were getting worse and worse, and the competition was too great. People who rented my shop to do business were always unable to compete. The ones next to it.

They moved away because their business was not doing well. They had to change owners every month. Everyone said that my shop was a waste of money and not suitable for business. As a result, not only was my shop unable to raise the rent, but even if the rent is lowered, it is difficult to rent them out. I only have three shops in total, and two of them are already vacant and cannot be rented out.

I rented my house to others, and others thought my rent was too high, so they moved out when the rent expired. Now there are also many of them that are vacant, and the monthly rental income is tens of thousands of dollars, which is not enough for me to buy a Hermès bag.”


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