Married at First Sight Chapter 2536 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2536-Shiloh added, “My mother also asked me to compensate for Kathryn’s car repair expenses. She didn’t only have one car. One of her cars broke down. It would be useful to replace it with another one. She also asked me to pay for the car repair expenses. She just said hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now I don’t have much savings. Hundreds of thousands is just cutting off my flesh, not to mention paying compensation to Kathryn.”

Holden: “There is nothing I can do.”

Both father and daughter were very dissatisfied with Kathryn, but there was nothing they could do against her.

They could only hope that Leo could be more forceful and sleep with Kathryn so that Kathryn could marry Leo, a second-generation ancestor.

At this time, there was a quarrel outside the house.

The quarrel got louder and louder, and it seemed that they were getting violent. Both father and daughter heard the butler’s quarrel.

The father and daughter looked at each other, stood up immediately, and walked out quickly.

Erika, the eldest mistress of the Farrell family, caught her husband, Marco, and his girlfriend going to the hotel to have s*x. The couple quarreled all the way back and even started fighting when they got home.

She didn’t have the image of a noble lady at this moment. She was like a madman, grabbing Marco and beating, scratching, pulling, and biting him.

Although Marco was in the wrong, when he returned home, he suddenly felt that his waist was stiff. How could he let his wife be beaten so violently and fight back so rudely?

Instead, Erika received a severe beating from Marco that left her face bruised and her nose swollen. She was so angry and aggrieved that she sat on the ground and cried, “Marco, you hit me; you actually hit me!”

Marco actually didn’t do it either.

There were scratches from Erika on his face and neck. Erika’s nails were long, like goblin hands, and were scratched and scarred. Marco felt burning pain on his face and neck, so he touched them. There’s still some blood.

The butler grabbed Marco and advised, “Young Master, please don’t fight with the Young Mistress. When the young Miss comes back, she will scold the young Master again.”

Marco said, “Am I still afraid of that country bumpkin? I thought she could control me because she was the eldest lady of the Farrell family. I am still her eldest brother!”

Marco cheated Erika. After Erika found out about it, the couple had an unknown number of quarrels. His sister, Kathryn, stood beside Erika. On the other side, he was criticized repeatedly, which made him almost angry to death.

Hearing that the butler mentioned the real sister-in-law, Kathryn, Erika immediately crawled aside, picked up the bag that fell on the ground, took out her mobile phone from the bag, and called Kathryn.

Kathryn quickly answered her call.

“Kathryn, come back quickly; your elder brother is going to beat me to death!” Erika cried and said this to Kathryn.

Half a month ago, Erika didn’t like Kathryn, her sister-in-law, but now she regards Kathryn as her savior.

Her husband cheated on her and betrayed her. Shiloh, whom she had always tried to please, was on Marco’s side.

Erika was so angry.

Although she had ulterior motives for being nice to Shiloh in the past, wanting to instigate Shiloh and Kathryn to fight, when she first married into the Farrell family, she was really nice to Shiloh, her sister-in-law.

Shiloh was also a woman, but she sided with Marco, accusing her, the first wife, of not doing a good job and not being able to keep her man. It was her fault, and she couldn’t blame Marco for cheating on her.

At this moment, Erika resented everyone in the Farrell family, except Kathryn.

Kathryn could stand by her side and empathize with her from a woman’s perspective.

Unlike Shiloh, the white-eyed wolf who was not well-raised.

Wait, she would let Shiloh walk around without finishing the meal, but she was just a fake. What qualifications did she have to be so cruel?


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