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Married at First Sight Chapter 2537-Serenity and the others who were far away in Wiltspoon didn’t know about the liveliness of the Farrell in Jensburg.

Serenity was aware of Matriarch Farrell’s visit to the Stone family.

When Serenity was chatting with Zachary during the night break, she mentioned this incident and guessed that Matriarch Farrell stayed in Wiltspoon for more than half a month and was hiding a conspiracy.

Zachary comforted her; not to worry, he was paying attention to the whereabouts of Matriarch Farrell, and he was also secretly watched. Matriarch Farrell could not make trouble in Wiltspoon.

Serenity had always believed in Zachary. Since Zachary said she didn’t need to worry, she stopped worrying.

From then on, she did not suffer from morning sickness. Fortunately, she only vomited for a short period of time. She was afraid that she would vomit until she was alive, like Alice.

However, she got sleepy easily, and she fell into a trance as soon as she fell asleep. Zachary didn’t wake her up, and she often slept from morning to night and from night to morning. She seriously suspected that she had been possessed by the god of sleep.

When she woke up, it was already broad daylight.

When she opened her eyes, without exception, the first thing she saw was Zachary.

Zachary said with a smile, “Good morning, wife.”

Then he came over and kissed her on the forehead.

When he came closer, Serenity closed her eyes and felt his gentle good morning kiss.

After Zachary finished kissing her, she opened her eyes, put her hands around his neck naturally, kissed him lightly on the lips, and said with a smile, “Good morning, husband.”

After the couple said good morning to each other and gave each other a good morning kiss, Serenity asked him, “What time is it now?”

“I didn’t look at the time. It should be around seven or eight o’clock.”

Zachary sat up as he spoke, reached for the mobile phone placed on the bedside table, looked at the time, and smiled: “It’s already nine o’clock.”

Serenity also sat up, “I guessed that the time was very late. As long as I fall asleep now, it will be late when I wake up. How can I sleep so well? This kid of ours is probably a lazy person. Like to sleep in.”

“No, many people get sleepy easily during pregnancy. Don’t blame it on my baby.” Zachary got out of bed and walked away. Without asking, he knew that he was going to get her clothes.

Serenity sat down in front of the dressing table and combed her long hair in front of the mirror, but she smelled the aroma of food in the room.

When Zachary came over with her clothes, Serenity said, “Husband, I seem to smell the aroma of the food. What delicious food was made at home today? The aroma is so strong that I can smell it in the room.”

Zachary smiled and said, “I woke up two hours earlier than you. I went downstairs to prepare breakfast for you. I checked it and served it to you when it was almost time. You can eat it after you wash up. It’s still hot.”

Serenity: “No wonder, I thought I had a dog nose after I became pregnant.”

Zachary: “You also have a strong sense of smell.”

Zachary took the comb from her hand and combed her long hair. After combing it smooth, he used the hairpin and gave her a clip to clip it up for her.

“Sister and Duncan are here with Sonny.” Zachary suddenly told his wife good news.

Hearing this, Serenity was indeed very happy. She turned to her husband and asked, “Really? How come my sister and brother Duncan have time to come over? Sonny doesn’t have to go to kindergarten?”

“You fell asleep. Today is Saturday. He doesn’t have to go to kindergarten. My sister’s All You Can Eat restaurant has a stable business and is managed by the foreman. You don’t have to worry if she doesn’t come back to the restaurant for a day.”

Serenity smiled and said, “I’m not working now, and I really haven’t paid attention to the day of the week. I don’t know how to live happily. That’s my situation.”

The couple were still on wedding leave.


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