Married at First Sight Chapter 2540 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2540-Duncan smiled and said, “I’m also busy and don’t have time. Zack and Serenity are on their honeymoon, so I can’t disturb the two.”

Although the young couple did not go out for their honeymoon and were only traveling by car in Wiltspoon, Duncan did not want to disturb the young couple.

If it were him, if he married Liberty, he wouldn’t like to be disturbed during the honeymoon. He would just like the couple to stay together every day, travel around the mountains and rivers, and sit and watch the sunrise and sunset. Such a life would be really happy.

The butler sent Sonny to Bowen’s room. When he came back, he happened to see Josh coming with Jasmine. He entered the room and respectfully said to Zachary, “Master, Master Bucham is here.”

Josh entered the house with Jasmine, holding large and small bags in her hands.

“Jasmine.” Seeing her friend, Serenity smiled and waved to her friend.

Zachary stood up and walked toward Josh. While taking the things from Josh’s hand, he said to him, “It’s not the first time here. You bought so many things and spent a lot of money.”

Josh smiled and said, “I’m not afraid you’ll be angry. We didn’t buy these supplements. They were given to Jasmine by relatives and friends to replenish her body. Jasmine only has one mouth. How much can she eat? Just give Serenity some and help Jasmine share it.

My cousin doesn’t let Jasmine take too many supplements. She tells her to eat normally and prepare three meals a day according to the recipes she made to ensure that Jasmine and the baby in her belly are fully nutritious. There is no need to take too many supplements. Too much is not good.”

His cousin worked as a nutritionist for their family, and Josh not only respected her but also trusted her.

It’s his cousin, a nutritionist, who sometimes had lenient control. Jasmine didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to affect the relationship between his siblings.

But how could Josh not know about his family’s affairs?

He knew everything about other people’s homes.

He asked his mother to talk to his cousin in private several times. Now that his cousin was not too lenient, Jasmine could feel more at ease at home.

When Serenity heard that they were supplements, she smiled bitterly and said, “I still want to sell some of the stuff here to your home, but you just stuff it all at my place.”

She had taken care of her pregnant sister, served her during confinement, and helped her take care of her children. She had more experience than Jasmine or even Alice.

Just as the Bucham family’s nutritionist said, just eat three normal meals and not be picky about food, and it’ll be fine for a pregnant woman. There’s no need to take supplements.

Serenity only occasionally soaked and steamed food that everyone brought to her.

She generally didn’t take other supplements.

As for her food, it was very good and nutritious enough. If she took supplements, it would be too much.

Jasmine was older than Serenity in her pregnancy, and her belly was slightly bulging, but she was wearing loose clothes and looked like she had gained some weight.

It was rare to see Duncan here. After Josh put down his things, he slapped Duncan on the arm and said to Duncan, “It’s so boring. You hide at home every day and don’t come out to hang out with us. We are good buddies. But no matter how good a friend is, if we don’t meet often or keep in touch, we will become strangers, and our feelings will be gone.”

Duncan said repeatedly, “Yes, yes, I was wrong. I will ask you out for a drink when I have time in the future. Then you can’t say your wife won’t let you drink.”

“It’s okay to have a few sips of wine at a party with you. After I get home, I’ll wash myself up and eat a few pieces of chewing gum. I think Jasmine won’t drive me to the study to sleep. Zachary, your wife will drive you to sleep in the study?”


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