Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 14 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 14

Jasmine brought a glass of red wine to her lips and took a sip.

“You read too many chick lits. There are so many people with the same first and last names under the sun, much less a surname. Bill Gates is one of the richest men, but do you think everybody with that last name is his family?”

Jasmine smiled. ‘You have a point.”

“My husband is a white-collar worker. He drives a national car and earns six figures. Do you think the heir of the Yorks would drive that sort of car? You have a wild imagination, don’t you?”

Serenity never dreamed about becoming Cinderella. It was fine to daydream but not to the extent of being out of touch with reality.

“Come to think of it, can the head of the York family swing the other way since he doesn’t want young females approaching him? Is he married?”

Serenity was the least bit interested in the young heir’s appearance. Nevertheless, it was questionable that he shunned away from young women. Either he was chaste, or he had a problem in that department. He might play for the other team for all she knew.

“I never heard the news of him getting hitched. Although we’re not in that circle, news of his marriage would rock Wiltspoon since he’s the head of the York household. The papers and media would’ve been all over his wedding. We heard nothing, so I guess he’s single.”

Jasmine put down her glass. “Now that you’ve said it. I think something’s up with him. It’s unusual for a fine man like him not to even have a girlfriend.”

“We’ll never know what’s going on in the minds of the wealthy. Eat up. We should leave after eating our fill.”

“Sure,” Jasmine responded. The girls began to feast like nobody’s business.

Many had observed them. Some looked away after a fleeting glance while others watched on with disdain and taunt. It appeared an heiress and her maid attended the ball and hid in a corner to eat the whole night as if they had been starved.

These girls sure could eat!


Rachel’s son, Shawn Lowe came by. Younger than Jasmine by three years, he had a good relationship with his cousin.

He tagged along with his parents to mingle around the crowd when his mother suddenly thought of

Jasmine. Shawn was under the instructions to look around for Jasmine.

“Come, Shawn. Sit.”

Jasmine pulled a chair over for her cousin to sit down.

With Serenity smiling at Shawn, the latter blushed and raised his glass at her. He asked with a grin, “Do you drink, Serenity?”

“I rarely do.”

Serenity only indulged in alcohol on a rare occasion because she could barely hold her drink.

How could she when a bottle of beer could knock her out for twelve hours? Serenity would be

embarrassing herself, her best friend, and Mrs. Lowe’s family if she were to pass out here.

“Do you want milk or juice? I’ll bring you a glass.”

Shawn got up to leave.

Pulling him back, Serenity replied, “It’s fine, Shawn. I’m full. I don’t think I can handle another drink.”

Shawn sat back down.

“Jas, did you and Serenity sit here the whole night?”

Shawn appeared troubled as he remarked, “Mom wanted to introduce you to a few nice men, but you weren’t there every time she turned around. She couldn’t just walk away from the other ladies, so she told me to look for you.”

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